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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 1 - Mission Impossible

It was a beautiful day on planet Terra. The sky was as clear as crystal. The air as fresh as the day the planet was made. Silence filled the air, until a loud bellow screeched throughout the entire planet.

"What do you mean I can only date when I have a chaperon?" the owner of the bellow, Tron Bonne, demanded her older brother. The Bonnes were in the leader of the Bonne's bedroom. The grey-haired Teisel sat on his bed. His sister stood over him, which blocked his light. Bon Bonne left the room awhile ago. He knew his sister would overreact, so he decided to protect his ears from the loud sonic boom of his sister's shout.
"I promised our parents I would take good care of you. If it meant that you would have a chaperon, so be it."

"I can understand that...but, a chaperon? Teisel, I proved myself to be capable of defending myself when Glyde kidnapped you and Bon..."
"That's different..."
"You're...", Teisel's cheeks turned into a strawberry red,"...too young to know. I'll explain when you're older."
"By the way, who do you want to date?"
"...No one. I just wanted to know if it's okay with you when I date one day." Tron stammered as she felt her cheeks burn crimson. She excused herself as she left her big brother's bedroom. Little did she know, this only made the Bonne leader more worried.
'And you wonder why I have grey hair at the age of twenty-seven?' Teisel sighed in depression.

Meanwhile on Rhyship Island, another impressive bellow filled the air. This time, the voice was male. The voice belonged to Mr. Loathe's most loyal henchman. The man famous for his affection for all things avian: Glyde. The bellow of,"What?!" emphasized everything the Avian Avenger felt.

"Yes, Glyde.", Lex Loathe grinned as he was bemused with his loyal henchman's reaction, "I want you to take the entire week off."
"I've noticed you've never taken sick leave before."
"What does that mean?"
"You never had a holiday, unless it's a public holiday."
"You did way too much over-time as well."
"I'm married to my work..." Glyde shrugged his shoulders as he looked at his boss in innocence.
"I've 'checked' your bank account; and noticed you've only spent 50 zenny. After all the years you've worked for me, that's all you've spent?"

"How did you find out?"
"I have my ways, Glyde."
"But, why is it so important for me to have a week off?"
"If anyone found out that you've never taken some time off of work, they will tell the police I committed unfair labour practice. Our police friends won't be able to help us out then. They already did everything they could to get us out the first time."
"...Must I just have a week off, and 'hang around'?"
"Have fun. Loads of fun. Spend your money like you life depends on it."
"That's easy. You'll have my word that I shall."
"I'll have spies watching you all the time."
"Fair enough. Anything else, Mr. Loathe sir?"
"I want you to be on a date with a girl you like. Treat her like she's a princess. Date that same girl the entire week as well."
"..." Bird Boy's face blanched.

Hours later

Glyde and his birdbots flew over the island of Rhyship Island from inside his airship Mutti. The proud peacock sat proudly in the throne chair. Worry written over his face, he was deep in thought.
"He almost found out. He nearly found out about my secret identity..." Glyde mumbled with nervousness.

"Alright, all of you know what to do?" The King of the Avians shouted.
"Keh Keh Keh, Kidnap a woman that we would find ironic for you to date."
"Correct. On my signal, you must go on your mission."
"Keh, we're ready for the signal." the birdbot with an eyepatch saluted. The birdbots were ready to climb into the Glyde Drache. Each of them had a gun( meant to shoot a net instead of bullets) in their wings. "Blast-off!" Glyde shouted the signal. He watched as his minions jumped into the Glyde Drache. They then flew off into the sky.

Bird Boy leaned forward inside his throne chair, his fingers combed through his hair. In a moment, his third eye was visible.
"Nothing to worry about. They'll kidnap that police lady. They know it's ironic for me to date her." Svelte Swan giggled with nervousness. Truth be told, he always had a crush on that police woman. She was everything he wanted in a woman. She was far better than any other woman he'd met. Tron Bonne paled in comparison to her.

After what felt like hours, the Glyde Drache came back. The birdbots carried a giant net(which was obvious something was trapped inside) with effort, despite the fact the fifty avian robots carried their captive.
"You've done it! I'm very proud of you!" Pretty Boy congratulated them with motherly pride. He rushed up to them, then picked the bundle up with the greatest of ease. Needless to say, the birdbots were shocked to the core.

As he mumbled praises to his minions, he removed the net from around his captive.
"Now, I can have" the colour from Glyde's face bleaked when he noticed the familiar arm of the Gustaff, then the rest of the body. The Gustaff automatically opened itself, which revealed an angry face of his rival's little sister: Tron.

"Can't you birds do anything right?" Glyde seethed after he finally found his voice. If looks could kill, Tron and Glyde's death glares would've killed everyone on Terra.

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