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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 2 - It's A Date (Or Else)

Tron's P.O.V.

I can't believe it! What got me into this mess? Well, I'll start from the beginning...

After we finally got MegaMan off of Elysium, Teisel decided that we should explore various islands for more refractors. We tried to quit the pirate business. Really, we tried. Anyways, we arrived on an island called Berelf Island. It was half the size of Rhyship Island( and just a few kilometres away from the island as well) and was a more exotic one as well. We stopped just in front of a sub-gate of the ruins. The ruins had a more sleek( and futuristic) appearance to it. Yet, it looked even more ancient than your average ruin.

After my talk with Teisel, I decided to explore the ruins on my own( in the Gustaff, mind you. I even equipped it with the Gatling Gun). It's funny that my big brother would allow us( Bon and I) to explore any ruin on our own, yet I need a chaperon when I date? Why would I want to date you ask? Well, I finally figured what those feelings I had for MegaMan were...

I started my journey towards the sub-gate that was ahead of me. It looked so far and so near at the same time. Huh, what's that? I suddenly heard sounds of an airship that approached me from behind. I turned the Gustaff around. I felt my eyes bulge out of my sockets when I noticed the familiar avian style the airship had. It's Glyde! It must be him. But, how did he survive that train incident?!

I felt my heart pound against my ribcage with full-force. I was so nervous. What if Glyde wanted to have his revenge right now? I really wasn't prepared for this. The Glyde Drache opened up and spewed dozens of birdbots that carried guns. Guns? I don't remember them carry weaponry with them before. Glyde must be serious.

The bird army charged towards me, their weaponry aimed at myself. Before anyone could fire, I fired the Gatling Gun as if my life depended on it. It does. Several birdbots were shot down after being hit, yet more came to replace their fallen comrades. The birdbots that were left made a low-hiss sound( which sounded like an angry hiss of a goose) as they charged towards me.

Suddenly, a couple of birdbots fired at me from behind, before I could counterattack. To my surprise, they fired two nets at me. The one net flew over the Gustaff's head. The other one cocooned itself over the entire Gustaff. I struggled with all my might as I tried to get free. The net didn't even tear as I struggled. I tried everything to get free, yet it seemed the net was made from an extremely tough substance.

I felt myself being carried away as I still struggled to get free. What would Glyde do to me? My ribcage felt as if it could explode as my heart thundered against it. My breaths were short and shallow as I panicked. I stopped with my effortful struggle as I realized how hopeless it was. I prepared myself to open the Gustaff up as soon as the net's removed from it; to allow myself to escape.

To my surprise, someone removed the net. I could've sworn I heard that pretty boy's voice from outside. Okay Tron, now's your chance to escape. I felt anger bubble throughout my entire being as I noticed an unwelcomed person blocked my escape route. He looked every bit as angry as I felt. He turned around to face his birdbot army. "Can't you birds do anything right?" He scolded the nervous birds. I felt a bit sorry for them. They looked as if they saw death itself. I almost wanted to comfort them...

"Keh Keh Keh. But sir, you said you wanted us to kidnap a woman we would find ironic for you--" a birdbot with an eyepatch tried to explain, before the pretty pirate showed the eyepatched bird the palm of his hand. The avian robot gulped as he kept quiet. I quietly got out from the Gustaff. Before I could make my escape, I felt Glyde's fingers wrap themselves around my wrist. The grip felt foreign somehow. Those fingers felt even more hard than bone.

The svelte gentleman straightened himself up to make himself look taller, before he turned his head down to me with an air of arrogance. He wore a soft facial expression; and almost-smiled. With his face muscles relaxed, I could finally see that Glyde was actually a very, very handsome man. He actually had an innocent, child-like face that wasn't suitable for a man like him. His visible eye reflected his emotions like a crystal-clear gateway to the deepest part of his soul.

"What's your phone number?" Huh? What type of question was that?
"Why do you want to know?" I demanded. I should've known he wanted to lure my family to a trap. I gasped in surprise when Glyde's grip tightened a bit. Pins and needles ran down my arm as my blood circulation was cut off from my wrist. How can someone that looked so frail carry so much power?
"Just tell me, or else." the avian air pirate purred with fake sincerity as he cupped my cheek. Ice-cold. His hands were ice-cold. It must be the gloves he wore. His hands felt robotic from under the gloves. The touch creeped me out besides that. He loosened his grip and uncupped my cheek as he snapped his fingers together.

"Oh yes! Now I remember your phone number!" he replied with child-like cheerfulness as he walked up to an ancient-looking phone that hung on the wall behind his throne. He dialled our number with inhuman speed.
"Why do you want to contact my family?"
"Calm down, Tron. Frowning like that will give you wrinkles."
"Calm down?! Don't tell me to calm down! You're going to tell Teisel you have me hostage, then threaten him to do anything you say!!"
"I'm not. I'm just phoning him to come pick you up."
"Huh?",that statement knocked me right off my feet,"But why did your birdbots kidnap me then?"
"I asked them to get me a date. I told them to get a woman that they would find ironic for me to like. That's not you."

"A normal person would walk up to someone and ask them out, not send their robots out to go kidnap one!" I shouted on top of my voice. Then an idea lit up in my head.
"Oh Glyde, is that woman by any chance Officer Denise Marmalade?" I grinned like a cat that eyed a fat canary. Glyde whipped his head around, his facial expression was that of worry.
"How did you know?"
"Hmm, you admitted it. You wanted your birdbots to kidnap her, but they kidnapped me instead."
"That's why I'm phoning your brother to pick you up."

"True true, but I'll tell him your secret."
"What secret?"
"That you wanted to date Denise..."
"Are you blackmailing me?"
"You won't just tell your brother, right dear? You will even tell Mr. Loathe my secret. You're willing to do anything to destroy my reputation?"
"You're smarter than you look."
"What do you want from me?"
"Instead of Denise, you'll take me out on a date."

"Huh?! What's all this talk about a date? And who's this, and how did you get my number?" Teisel's voice boomed from the phone's speaker. Uh oh. How much did he hear?
"Hello, Teisel-dear. It's me, Glyde." My captive replied with mock-sincerity.
"Glyde?! But, you--How did you survive that train incident?"
"With ease. Anyways, listen up. I have your sister with me right now."
"You kidnapped Tron?! Grr! You worthless piece of pond scum, if you dare hurt even a strand of hair on my sister's head, I swear I'll..."
"Calm down, Teisel. Your hair will become white if you continue to worry like that. I won't harm your sister at all. In fact, I'm phoning you to tell you the great news."

"Great news?",Teisel's tone was saturated with worry."You sick monster! What did you do?" His tone changed to a dangerous one.
"Nothing at all. I just wanted to tell you that I asked Tron out on a date, and she said yes."
"You heard right. Your sister finally saw the light and realized I'm the perfect man for her. We will both be dating for the entire week, starting tomorrow. In fact, we'll visit Kattelox Island first." What? Glyde never told me this! Man, why did I put myself in this mess?
"If what you're saying is true, let me speak to Tron alone." Teisel spoke in a calm voice.
"Go right ahead. Tron-honey, your brother would like to send us good luck for our date." the pretty pirate swooned as he shoved me in front of him. That really hurt!

I prepared myself as I answered the phone. I could imagine Teisel tried to strangle himself with the telephone cord from the other side.
"Teisel? Brother, are you still there?"
"Tron, is that you? It is you! I'm so glad you're okay. You're okay, right?!"
"Brother, I'm fine."
"He didn't hurt you, or threaten you to date him?"
"No, he didn't. I simply agreed to date him."
"But why? Is it because of what happened this morning?"
"I can defend myself..."
"But Tron, it's too dangerous for a girl your age."
"Hmph. Teisel, we're just going out on a date for a week. Besides, didn't you say Glyde was quite queasy when it came to blood?"
"I'm not talking about Bird Boy hurting you."
"What then?"
"'re too young to understand!"

"Fine. Don't tell me what you're protecting me from!" I felt my blood boil. How could he expect me to understand why he wanted me to have a chaperon when he won't explain the reason why?
"Tron, don't hang up!" Teisel begged as I did just that. I turned around to face my date. Come to think of it, was it really worth the damage it could cause to my and Teisel's relationship?

I really got myself into a fine mess.

Normal P.O.V.
Gesellschaft's meeting room.

The leader of the Bonnes stood as still as a statue in front on the telephone. The receiver was still in his hands. Bon and the servbots surrounded their leader, worried about why he didn't move. The silence deafened them.
"Master Teisel? Was that Miss Tron? Is she okay?" No. 28 dared himself to destroy the silence. Teisel turned his head before he looked down at the servbot that stood by his side.
"Master Teisel, what should we do now?" No. 28 asked again. Teisel still looked as if he saw a ghost.
"Master Teisel, please say something..." No. 28 begged, his worries became worse.

"Boys, we're returning to Kattelox Island..."

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