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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 4 - Museum of Memories

Day 2

Tron's P.O.V.

Let's face it, revenge's sweet. Glyde bought those casual outfits, sneakers and trainers from Tailor Chino( which he wasn't happy about) and he even had to pay for them all. They were quite expensive. I felt a bit worried that he spent money like how a fish drunk water. Then again, he did insult me. I really wanted to kick him, but he turned his head around, which really spoilt my fun.

After another night in the Mutti airship, we decided to tour Kattelox Island for our second date. Teisel still followed us wherever we went like a lost puppy. I knew it was him when I went to change into the grey nightgown in Dressmaker Hipbone. That's the other reason why I didn't kick Glyde: I wanted to prove to Teisel I enjoyed myself on our date.

Glyde looked quite uncomfortable in his casuals. He wore a black long-sleeved top with a green t-shirt( that had a headshot of Reggae printed on it) over it, dark-blue jeans and black-and-white sneakers. I don't get why he wanted to wear the long-sleeved top. The weather's quite warm. I wore a black baby-t top ( which had a Bonne emblem that I stitched on), dark-blue jeans and black ankel-boots. I also wore jewellery that went with the outfit.

During our tour, I was chased by that dog that chased me before. I clung on the very same pole I clung onto the previous time that dog chased me. My so-called date simply stood there and watched me make a fool of myself. He actually tried to hold his laughter in! Jerk. I wonder how he would react if he woke up tomorrow morning without any hair? That mutt eventually left when his owner called him.

We went to shop for food supplies at Bronte Vegetable Store, Jetlag Bakery and Bakery Sharkskin. There, enough for a week. Oddly enough, the store owners thought we were a geniune couple. Well, we held hands most of the time. I found it odd that his hands felt quite cold and hard. After I studied his hands, I've noticed how perfect they were. The hands themselves were an odd mixture of masculinity and feminity. The digits were all at the perfect appropiate length. The hands felt quite smooth as well. I glance at his arms and noticed they looked quite effeminite. Yet, they held so much power.

"Let's visit the museum." Glyde suggested as we stopped in front of one. Ahh, the museum on Kattelox became quite famous as it held almost all the artifacts from around the world. Some even dated from the 5000's. Maybe I could even get some ideas for new machines?
"Sure." I agreed as we stepped into the museum.

The Avian King and I( along with the visitors of the museum) were lead by our guide. He told us the brief history of each artifact. Glyde seemed quite bored with our guide's lectures. After our guide gave us our tour, he allowed us to have a look around. My date seemed quite distracted as he stared at the artifacts that dated from the fourth to sixth millenia. He stared at the Biometals that were in front of him.

"You looked preoccupied." I stated.
"That guide didn't do his homework properly."
"He said that Biometal's Model P. It's not. It's Model A. Models H, F, L and P were made from the Four Guardians of X. Model V's the one that corrupted people, not Model O." I stood dumbfounded as he informed me of this. I checked the descriptions that were written in front of the case. They didn't even say which Model was what. How did he know? Before I could ask him, he already went to the section for the fifth millenium artifacts.

I stood next to where he stood. I noticed a very interesting painting. It was that of two effeminite men. I studied the man on the left. He reminded me of Geetz in a way in the way he dressed. The outfit even looked similar. But, the top was grey and the pants black. He had no shoes, but his feet had the same markings Geetz and Gatz had on their forearms( which he had on his arms as well). His hair was styled in the same way as Gatz's. He too had the same third eye as the servitors.

But, what shocked me was how familiar he looked. His eyes were the same colour as Glyde's. His skin tone the same shade as my date's. Even his hair had the same colour as Glyde's hair. Hmm, he even had the same Reploid ears as Glyde.
"Damnit, they painted my bad side." I overheard Glyde mumble under his breath. Huh?! I studied the man on the right. He looked like Copy-X's second form but with a few differences. Firstly, the armour was brown and gold. The helmet's jewel was emerald green. The wings had feathers and were much more wide. I also find it amazing that he was a giant compared to the man on the left. I also noticed he had the same colour skin and eyes as Glyde.

I read the description in front of me.
"Guraido Phoenixur: This Reploid was made in 45XX. He was designed to store all historical information from the year 200X to the present. Despite not being a fighting Reploid, Guraido can turn into his fighting form(right-most picture) when threatened. It's believed he was given this form in order to protect the precious info stored inside of himself from any hackers. It's also believed he had an extra-hard shell to protect himself as well. He was part of the Elder System, until it somehow disappeared. He was part of the Master System until his strangely vanished. He was never found since."

"..." I was fascinated. A android with all that information, just disappeared?
"The museum will close soon. Let's go home." Glyde stated as he escorted me outside. I noticed he looked quite nervous. Maybe even scared.
"What's wrong?"
"No, it's not nothing! Tell me what's up!"
"There's nothing wrong, okay! We're going to Elmine Island for our next date. We must go now!"
"But, something else is bothering you."
"Just drop it, or I'll drop you off the Mutti while we fly to Elmine Island!" Glyde snarled like a dog. His bare eye actually glowed red. He stopped as soon as he noticed I shook with fear. He mumbled an apology.
"Glyde?" I asked as I touched his cheek.
"Let's go. We'll be late." he smiled softly. He held my hand into his before I could wipe his fringe out of his face.

I linked my arm around his as we walked into the sunset. Whatever upsetted my date didn't anymore. Maybe it's a start of a beautiful relationship? Nah.

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