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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 5 - The Tunnel of (Un)love

Day 3

Glyde's P.O.V.

We arrived in the early hours of the morning as we landed on Elmine Island. My reaction yesterday was thankfully forgotten. If I hadn't sobered up from my anger, my face would've met Teisel's fist. He was actually ready to attack me from the alleyway he had hid in. Anyways, Tron and I slept after we landed on Elmine Island then got ready for our date. When the clock struck 10, we left for our destination. I didn't tell my date where we're going for our date.
Elmine Island's Amusement Park

"An amusement park?" Tron asked, her eyebrow cocked.
"Well, lots of people go to the amusement park for their date." I grinned with sheepishness.
"We came all the way here to go to the amusement park?" The pirate princess frowned before she sighed in frustration.
"Well, Elmine Island's amusement park's voted the best on Terra." I grinned as I took my rival's sister's hand to lead her.

We bought candy floss and fizzy drinks when we passed the first food stand. We stopped on front of the stand where you must shoot targets before we could win a prize.
"Glyde, I want that teddy bear." Tron begged. Her eyes were as eager as a girl that wanted her favourite candy. I shot all the targets with perfect accuracy, thanks to my lock-on target program installed into my eyes. That teddy bear was almost as big as Tron. The pink colour it had was so bright it actually glowed. My eyes actually hurt from the brightness.

We passed the second food stand and bought ourselves two hotdogs. We rode on the roller coaster. For some reason or other, Tron's face turned into the same colour as her eyes. When I turned my head around for a second, I heard a weird sound of someone that gagged. I faced Tron, whose face became normal, and realized I just imagined those sounds.

We went on the Big Wheel next. I had this odd feeling we were watched. We also went into those giant teacups that spun all over the place. Tron and I chose the Bumper Cars next. Teisel just had to slam his car into mine whenever I got close to Tron. Sheesh, protective much?

We stood in front of the tunnel of love. The boat was shaped like a heart. There were ten pairs of chairs in this boat as well. I felt eyes that tried to bore a hole into the back of my head. Yep, Teisel became our shadow. Mr. Loathe's spy hid in the bushes nearby.
"Ooh, let's take this ride." Tron hinted. She battered her eyelashes as she gave me the puppy-eyes. Must resist. Ugh. Must resist. Too powerful. Must resist. Sigh. Okay, be a man and take this ride.

We were deep inside the tunnel of love. I had my night vision activated. The Bonne leader( and a servbot with a wig) sat behind us. Whenever I wrapped my arm around Tron's shoulder, I heard a dog snarl from behind me. But, whenever I turned around to face the dog Teisel was where the growl came from. This happened during our entire ride.

Who hired Teisel to be our shadow? We already have our own, thanks.

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