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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 6 - My Dinner With Glyde

Day 4

Tron's P.O.V.

Thursday was different compared to our other dates. One: I got to choose where to go( and what to do) for today. Two: we simply sat around inside the Mutti. We avoided each other most of the time. When I had a shower, he fiddled on his machines. When I cleaned the Gustaff, he ordered his birdbots to clean the Mutti. This carried on throughout the day.

I decided that we should go to Rhyship Island. A new restaurant, named Subaru Star, opened in Gold City. It was known as an exquisite place where only the richest would dine. Maybe this would break Glyde? I couldn't believe that he tolerated the whole dating thing this entire time. Plus, I found it quite hard to date him. He hardly had a romantic bone in his body. When he does have a squirt of romance, my brother Teisel would spoil it for us both. I also only tolerated our dating by imagining him to be MegaMan.
Night time
Outside Subaru Star

"Table for two?" A snobby waiter asked us in a tone that implied he looked down on us. I wore the black dress with white studs, black high-heels and long white night-gloves. I wore a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and one diamond bracelet around one wrist. I wore a black hairband that also had white studs. Glyde wore a black tuxedo, black business shoes, red bowtie and white gloves.
"Yes, please." Glyde replied with snottiness.
"Tron Bonne and Glyde Raido."
"Follow me to your table." The waiter said in a tone which sounded to me he didn't want us to.

We followed him towards our table as I observed how many people there were. The upperclass of Gold City were all here. The men looked as if they had cramps which gave them their grumpy attitude. The women's faces were caked with make-up; and they wore their entire jewellery collection on their very being. We sat at our table; one that was veiled by a red table cloth that looked like silk. The waiter lit our candle. Heh, dinner by candlelight. The waiter gave us a menu before he left.

"Would you like to make your order?" the snooty waiter grunted after he returned.
"The lobster special." Glyde stated as he pointed at the menu. Ack! That's expensive. Was this lobster made out of gold?
"And you, Miss?"
"I'll have..."
"The lobster special as well." Bird Boy ordered for me. Hey, don't I have a say?
"Very well. Anything to drink?" The waiter jolted down on his notepad.
"No thanks."
"Very well." the waiter bowed before he left.
"I am able to order for myself, y'know." I hissed under my breath as I drummed my fingers on the table.
"But, you'll order the lobster anyways?"
"Maybe." I sighed. Silence loomed over us as we simply waited for the waiter to arrive.

"So, what can you say about yourself?" I asked him. His eye bulged when I asked him the question. His expression reminded me of Teisel's when Bon Bonne asked a question that embarrassed my brother for some strange reason. I don't know till this day what Bon asked Teisel.
"Like what?" he asked in a defensive tone.
"Family, friends, hobbies, dreams. Stuff like that."
"Mr. Loathe found me on Calbania Island, and took me in."
"Oh? What were you doing on Calbania Island?"
"I lived there for almost my entire life. The base I used to have was built over my previous home. That home was destroyed by a natural disaster."
"And your family? I've never heard you talk about your family before."
"I don't have one."
"Oh. Sorry. What about your friends?"
"My best friend died a long time ago." Glyde sighed. He whispered in a sad tone," Denise had her personality while you had her looks. Just dye your hair into my hair colour and wear red contacts and you'll look just like her. Just wear the robes Master Thomas wore( but they should be grey where there were purple) and you'd be the spitting image of her."
"I'm very loyal to Mr. Loathe for a good reason. He saved me. I was left for dead when he had found me. I will always be in his debt. He saved me when I had nothing; and gave me everything."

We ate quietly after the waiter gave us our order. We then ordered the Luna Strumm Special. A delicious dessert. After Glyde paid the bill, we had a night stroll. It wasn't a romantic one (I had more fun when I found out No. 40 dug into my top drawer). After the stroll, the birdbots came to pick us up in the Mutti.

The entire night I felt sorry for Glyde. I couldn't imagine losing my entire family. It was bad enough we lost our parents when I was very young. Then again, some people would have nothing and still had an optimistic view on life.

At least the week will be over soon.

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