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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Cupid's Terrible Aim: Chapter 9 - Teisel's Long Week

Teisel's P.O.V.

Being a chaperon, mind you, can really make you tired. Especially to your sister and your dangerous rival.

Day 1

I watched silently as Tron and Glyde bought clothes. I couldn't believe how rude he was when my little sister asked what he thought of the grey nightdress she wore. Tron made him buy outfits that didn't suit Glyde's personality at all, as punishment. So far, so good. But, maybe I should check on them again tomorrow?

Day 2

A museum outing for a date? Doesn't Bird Boy know how to treat a lady? Speaking of how to treat a lady, I was ready to punch him when he became quite angry at Tron. He actually held onto her shoulders. I also noticed Tron was quite scared. That's another reason why I want Tron to have a chaperon. I was glad Glyde calmed down afterwards. He actually apologized to my sister for him being rude to her. Maybe I should watch them again to make sure he won't do it again?

Day 3

Operation: Make sure Glyde won't become all mushy with Tron had begun. I decided to take No. 40 with me as well. Everyone, besides Glyde, felt quite ill on the roller coaster ride. We all barfed, besides Bird Boy. Weird. When they were on the Big Wheel, I watched their every move. Good, they didn't do anything. When we rode in the bumper cars, I crashed into Glyde's car whenever he tried to get close to my sister.

I noticed they wanted to go on the Tunnel of Love next. No. 40 suggested to be my "date" to help with my disguise. I don't even want to know where he got that wig from. We sat behind the Peacock Pirate and Tron. Deep inside the tunnel, I've noticed Bird Boy tried to wrap his arm around Tron's shoulders. Hey, keep your mitts off! I made a low snarl. He stopped. Ah, he knew that's a warning! I snarled every time he tried to touch my second-youngest sibling during the entire trip. It worked. I finally did my job as Tron's chaperon well.

Day 4

I can't believe it; the waiter wouldn't allow me to go into the restaurant. Just because I didn't book a table. He then didn't want me to be anywhere near the property either. Well, the security guard didn't. I'm no stalker, security guard, even though you said I was. Sheesh. Mother, I'm sorry I didn't protect her today. I'll try harder next time.

Day 5

Thank goodness they chose a good movie. I would've died from the other movies' horrible storylines. Anyways, I was surprised when I noticed my seat's right next to Svelte Swan's. Did fate decide to mess with me? It was funny that someone kicked Glyde's chair every now and then. It was even more funny someone used Avian Avenger's head as candy target practise. Although I do wonder how that kid got encased in ice?

Day 6

I hid behind a tree which was a few feet away from Tron and Glyde. What happened was scary. Glyde got up as if he was only knocked out, not brutally trampled by that rabbit reaverbot. Yet he survived? I'm not surprised Tron fainted; I almost fainted when he rose as well. To my surprise, Avian Avenger actually helped Tron back to his airship. So, there's a bit of good deep down there?

But, Glyde was a weird boy. How did he survive all those accidents that could've killed him? Tron, I hope you've dated a human...

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