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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Spoilt Milk: Chapter 1 - Accidentally in Love

Denise's P.O.V.

Denise's home

"Home, sweet home!" I sighed in relief as I entered my home, Glyde right behind me. The poor man looked quite fatigued. I looked down at my hand. We didn't carry any of his luggage at all? Oh. I had held onto his hand most of the time. I looked away as a blush tinted my cheeks. He didn't seem to have noticed...

"Shouldn't we take your luggage out?" I offered. Glyde yawned( which could've swallowed me whole) as he answered me.
"We can take it out tomorrow mornin'...", the henchman scoffed,"Where can I sleep? It was a long day."
"You can sleep in the spare room. I'll show you where to go." I offered as I lead the way to my spare bedroom.

The svelte gentleman flopped sideways onto the bed in exhaustion. He kicked his shoes off as he positioned himself to lay horizontal on the bed. He pulled his jacket off and laid it on the floor. I sat at the foot of the bed after Glyde tucked himself in.
"Shouldn't you phone your parents?"
"What's the time?"
"It's two in the morning." I stated as I checked my watch.
"I'll phone them tomorrow morning then."
"It's late. They're asleep now."
"But, wouldn't they be worried?"
"No, they won't. My parents and I are in the agreement that I will only phone very late at night if there's very bad news."
"Oh. What about your airplane?"
"The Glyde Swan's impossible to steal." Glyde mumbled as he drifted off to sleep. Oh well. Whatever he said. I went to bed as well. Tomorrow's another day.

The Next morning

I opened my eye with laziness as I reached for my glasses. I sat up a bit from my bed while I positioned my glasses correctly on the bridge of my nose. I took a quick glance at my alarm clock. Oh, it's only Ten AM. WHAT?!? Ten AM?! I overslept!

I had busied myself to get ready, when Glyde barged into the bathroom! Oh dear, I had forgotten about Glyde, which is why I didn't lock the bathroom door. His expression hadn't change when had noticed me in my current state!
"Get out!" I screeched in horror as I grabbed for the nearest towel.
"..." He opened his mouth; maybe to protest. He didn't seem phased at all.

"Get out now! And knock on the door next time!" I wailed in horror. His jaw almost hung onto the floor as his face became ruby red. He finally realized why I wanted him to leave?! "I didn't see anything!" he protested as he rushed out of the bathroom. My cheeks burnt at his comment. "Oh Denise, lock the door next time." Glyde mumbled with sheepishness.

Much later

I dialed my office number. I must tell the police force I'll be a bit late for work. After awhile, someone answered. It was the deputy captain. Why him, of all people?
"Good morning. This is Captain Denise Marmalade. I'll be a bit late for work today, so don't be worried about me."
"Captain, you don't have to come to work today. We'll be fine on our own." the deputy captain insisted. Yeah right, and I trust a hungry cat with a plump canary. Then again, I don't trust the air pirate alone in my house.
"Okay, I'll have the day off. Phone me if there's any trouble, okay?"

I placed the receiver down. I felt eyes that peered at my direction. I turned my head around to face my "guest".
"What's it?" I asked. He seemed sheepish.
"I need to phone my parents. May I use the phone?"
"Um...sure. But remember, you must pay for your calls."
"Don't worry. I shall." Glyde replied in arrogance. I stepped back when he approached the phone. He turned his head to face me. I had a strange feeling he tried to glare at me, but maybe it was just my imagination.

"Oh. If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen." I stated as I left the room. I actually hid outside of the room while I listened to my guest speak to his family. It was so odd to hear him call his parents "Mommy and Daddy". He was so sweet and sincere as he spoke to his parents. Guess he does have a nice side to him.

I decided to leave Glyde alone for some privacy. I went into my kitchen. Hmm, what to eat for breakfast? Check the fridge, Denise. Oh no. Not again. I'm out of bacon and eggs. I checked the bread bin. Nope, no bread left. Oh well. Guess we have to have corn flakes. I poured the corn flakes into two bowls and placed them on the kitchen table. Just then, Glyde tumbled in. Yes, that's right. He tripped over his own feet while he tried to barge into the kitchen. Almost like he couldn't see where he went...

"Are you okay?" I asked as he got back onto his feet by himself. His cheeks were pink from embarrassment as he took one small step after another until he reached his hand out to feel for the table. Afterwards he felt for the chair. He pulled it towards himself, before he sat in it. That's odd. I looked away when I realized I had stared at him the whole time. I decided to pour water into the kettle and switched it on. I also took two coffee cups out from the cupboard. One was pink with a cute little picture of Tango, while the other one was green with a cute picture of Beat.

"Would you like the cup with Beat on it, or the one with Tango?" I asked my "house guest" as I turned around to face him. I held the two cups high for him to see.
"The Beat cup." Glyde stated in a bored tone.
"Oh, and do you drink tea or coffee?"
"Do you have espresso?"
"Er. No..." I can't believe he expected me to have espresso! That stuff's expensive!
"Well, I'll have coffee then. With low-fat milk, two teaspoons of sugar and the coffee must be semi-strong."
"..." That arrogant little prick! He made it sound like he had ordered his coffee at a coffee shop. Does he see me as some slave?

I noticed my house guest pulled a strange face as he shoved his spoon of corn flakes into his mouth. He seemed to have struggled with a life-threatening choice: should he, or shouldn't he spit the corn flakes out? He had swallowed the vile substance; his face became an interesting shade of green.
"What is this stuff?! It's not muesli! And you used full-cream milk!?" The Avian Pirate gagged.
"It's corn flakes. I ran out of muesli. And I used full-cream milk before I knew you only drank low-fat milk." I stated in an even tone, despite the fact I wanted to strangle the pretty boy.

"Next time, give me muesli with low-fat milk!" Glyde stated in an arrogant tone; as if he was high-and-mighty. I decided that it wasn't worth the fight, so I made coffee for us both. We drank our beverages and ate our breakfast in utter silence. When we were finished, I took them to the sink to wash them. I had this strange feeling he had stared at me...

"Oh, Denise-dear." Glyde purred in a sing-song voice. I turned around to face my guest, whom sat in his chair and didn't offer to help me with the dishes.
"Yes, Glyde?" I dared myself to ask. I had a funny feeling I won't like what the pretty pirate would tell me. I turned around to continue with the washing.
"Since I had saved you from that mecha, you do owe me, right?"
"Yes, I do. That's why I'm looking after you."
"Well, there's a little something I must tell you. Where I've come from, the person whose life you've saved would be your slave until you say you don't want them to be your slave anymore."

"..." The cup I had washed almost slipped out of my hands. I almost lost my balance. I turned around to face Glyde. Was he serious?! He wore a serious expression. Uh-oh. But, then again, I can't see his eyes. Maybe it was just a bluff.
"Really?" I humored him.
"Either that, or the rescued must pay the rescuer the exact amount of money they would need or want."
"You are serious..."
"Yes, I am. You must be my slave, and do whatever I ask you to. No matter how stupid it sounds, you must do what I say. You'll be my slave until I get better."

The doctor did say he didn't know how long Glyde could be blind in his injured eye. Does this mean I could be his slave for life? An idea popped into my head. Why didn't I think of it earlier?
"Fine, I shall be your slave, Glyde. But, under one condition."
"Oh?" He seemed a bit interested.
"You must pay for staying here, as well as the telephone calls. Also, you mustn't do any illegal activities, or else I'll send you to jail."
"Are you blackmailing me? What would your captain think?"
"I'm the new captain of the police." I stated with pride. His jaw dropped when I told him that.

The silence could've deafened us as the Avian Pirate and I stared at one another. The atmosphere was thick as well.
"Okay, let's take all your luggage out of my car boot, and put them in the spare bedroom." I shattered the silence as I grabbed him by the arm to make him follow. Pfft. Why should I do all the dirty work?

Much later

Glyde and I sat in the living room. I sat on the chair opposite of Glyde's, a notepad and pen in my hands. I had to write down all the things he expected me to do.
"...You must always buy the soap for sensitive skin. My skin's very sensitive, y'know." my diva of a house guest emphasized as I jolted down all the notes down. Yes, this slave must put up with this over-pampered pirate's crazy demands. What does he mean by sensitive skin? This guy could survive the most harshest of attacks...
"The shampoo must be mint-scented and gentle on my scalp. Never, ever put avocado on anything I eat."
"Got it." I stated as I scribbled the demands into my notepad.

"Blah blah blah blah blah."
"..." I wasn't paying that much attention to my guest. I've started to wonder how he could see through that fringe. Why does he keep that eye covered all the time? I also found it odd that he
"asked" me to choose which clothes he should wear for the day. He didn't want me to wipe his fringe out of his face when I replaced the bandages with clean ones.
"Blah blah blah blah You have quite a lovely face blah blah blah blah..." Wha?! Did I hear that right? I looked at him with a expression that might've made me look like a fish out of water.

"What did you just say?" I asked the crimson-faced pirate. The young man shifted in uncomfort as I waited for an answer. Minutes went by as silence filled the air again.
"RING!" my telephone pierced through the silence. I picked the receiver up.
"Hello, Captain Marmalade here."
"Captain Marmalade, it's Inspector Oda here. Please come to the police station right away. There are pirate ships approaching Gold City..."
"What?! I'm on my way!"
"Captain Marmalade, these pirates are..."
"I'm on my way, stay calm!"
"But, ma'am..."
"Bye, Inspector." I shoved the receiver back.

I turned my head to face the brunette-blonde that sat next to me. I gave him a dirty look.
"I should've known you were planning to attack Rhyship Island..."
"It wasn't me, I swear! I'm on vacation. My birdbots don't even know where I am. Also, Bola, Klaymoore and the Bonnes don't work for me anymore."
"Hmph. You're coming with me to the police station. Just in case you're involved in the matter."
"What happened to 'Innocent until proven guilty'?"
"Sigh. Look, I don't like living you all alone here either. So, please come with me. Oh, and wear sunglasses and a trenchcoat."

Glyde wore a black poloneck, black pants, black gloves and black boots. He wore a brown trenchcoat over his clothes, as well as his large black sunglasses. His fringe was swept out of his face, and his collar was up like Count Dracula's to hide his face. He also slumped his shoulders to make himself appear more short. I wore my usual captain outfit.

We jumped into my car, and sped towards our destination: The Gold City Police Station. I hope we would be able to stop these pirates in time...


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