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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Spoilt Milk: Chapter 2 - Install my Heart

After an hour spent to rush to the Gold City Police Station, Glyde and I stood in front of my office door. I hesitated to open the door for a moment. I shot a glance at the brunette.
"Well? What are you waiting for?" he asked in an annoyed tone. He arms were akimbo as he leaned himself more close to me.
"Well what?"
"When we drove to here, I didn't see any signs of pirates attacking the town. Not even an airship. What if this is a trap?"
"You're a cop, you sort it out yourself."
"Ugh. Okay, okay. I'll stand here just in case you need help."
"Thanks..." I huffed in anger as I prepared myself. My hand clenched onto the doorknob with a vice-grip before I clicked the door open. I tensed myself as I entered my office. As soon as I did, I gasped when I saw what had greeted me.

There stood Inspector Oda, Deputy Captain Eugene Chaud and Prosecutor Ito with Verner Von Bluecher, Barrel Caskett and his granddaughter Roll, inside my office. Amongst them stood a grey-haired gentleman in a green business suit next to a girl that wore a pink business dress, and two yellow-and-blue robots! Wait a minute! Those two robots looked that one of those that attacked Gold City before. No way! Could it be? The gentleman, the girl and the two robots looked stunned the moment they saw me.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Denise Marmalade. She's the one that would be signing the documents for approval." Prosecutor Ito introduced me to the audience.
"Huh?", I blinked in confusion. I then whispered into Inspector Oda's ear, "But, haven't you phoned me about pirates attacking?"
"My apologies, ma'am. The moment I noticed the emblem on the ship, I thought pirates were coming to attack us. But Deputy-Captain Eugene Chaud told me that they were the same pirates that had retired pirate life, and wanted to start a coffee-shop here. I was on the phone with you when he had informed me."
"Why didn't you tell me over the phone?"
"I was about to, but you've cut me off..." Oh. Oops.

I walked up to my desk and sat in my comfy chair. I peaked at the small audience in front of my desk. They whispered amongst themselves, before they turned their attention to me. The girl gave me a bundle of documents. It was a contract that they must sign to agree that they've given up the life of a pirate; and that the coffee-shop (which they've built a few months ago) would be used for legal activities only.

"So, you're happy with the terms and conditions? You read everything?" I asked as the ex-pirates signed each page in front of me.
"We're one-hundred percent happy with the contract." The gentleman grinned as I signed each page. I then stamped each that needed to be stamped. When I was finished, I gave the contract to Prosecutor Ito. He too signed each page, before he stamped each page.
"Why must both the police captain and commissioner of oathes sign the contract?" Mr. Von Bluecher asked me.
"It's a new law that was passed a few months ago. Long story behind it." Eugene shrugged his shoulders. He leaned against my desk as he stared at the door in front of him.

Wait, where's Glyde? I didn't see him since I got into my office. Strange. Oh no, I hope no one recognized him, and arrested him... My train of thought was cut-off when the ex-pirates and their friends said goodbye before they left.
"Wow Tron, your friend's already a captain." I overheard the man chat to his sister.
"She's not my friend, Teisel." Teisel and Tron are their names? Oh, they're the members of the Bonne family. They used to work with Glyde before...
"Sure, sure; whatever you say. Really, Tron. If she's--oof!" Teisel was cut-off when Glyde, whom rushed into the room, bumped into him hard.

"Sorry. I didn't watch where I was going." the prince of the avians muttered as he rubbed his head. Wow, that Teisel towered over Glyde. He was at least a head tall. He had a V-shaped torso as well. His biceps and triceps were quite large a well. Glyde on the other hand had a svelte body-shape.
"Apology accepted. Ooh." Teisel groaned as he rubbed his shoulder. The Bonnes left the room. I overheard someone mumbled that they thought it was Glyde for a moment, but it couldn't be him. Something about that Glyde wore too-much expensive cologne, but the man that bumped into them didn't. They left without a second-thought that maybe it was Glyde. Thank goodness.

"Oh, Denise? Why won't you introduce us to your friend here?" Eugene Chaud asked in a suspicious tone. With his slouched posture, Glyde didn't have the same air of arrogance, intimidation or class as he usually would.
"Oh, this is my friend. His name is--" I paused as I tried to think up an alias for my avian knight. Huh? Avian Knight? Where did that come from?
"--Yuki Drake. I'm an old friend of Denise." Glyde introduced himself to Eugene. He spoke in a different tone. It was more compassionate and humble. It also sounded younger.
"Nice to meet you, Yuki. I'm Eugene Chaud." Eugene stated as he shook hands with the pretty pirate. Inspector Oda shook hands with Glyde as well as he introduced himself.

After that adventure, Glyde and I went to the chemist to buy some medication. It's the medication I'm supposed to get for my house-guest, which should make his eye heal in a more rapid pace. After that, we went back home. I'm surprised he didn't mention anything about literally bumping into his rival...

A few days later, the Bonnes finally opened their coffee-shop. It's called "Bonne Bean". It became quite a popular shop. Maybe it was because everyone thought those little servbots were so adorable? It was around the corner from where I lived, and the area's very safe too. Even with the increased attacks from Nebula Grey, that area was very safe.

A week went by with such slowness. Glyde really irritated me with his diva-like demands. I'm convinced he came from a well-to-do family. But, why would he work for Mr. Loathe then? And why did he become a pirate? People usually become pirates, or work for a criminal organization, because they need money. Speaking of criminal organizations, I had to fight against Nebula Grey earlier today. That attack was a bit different from the rest. The mecha looked like an arachnid, and it even spat fire. But, it was pink. It also reminded me of the mecha that the Bonnes used when they attacked Kattelox Island and Manda Island, somehow...

Hmm, next week I must take Glyde to the hospital to see the same doctor that did the eye operation. Hopefully, he'll tell me that Glyde's eye would heal in no time. Then, I can get rid of that prick. The same prick that insulted my cooking. He told me that my macaroni-and-cheese was too rubbery. How dare he?! It took me forever to make it, and he gagged after one bite.

But, why did I react the way I did? I never minded what people thought about my cooking before. I could even laugh with my friends and family about how I flopped. So, why do I care what the avian prince thought about my cooking? Why do I feel a bit sad about the possibility of him leaving, after his eye's fully healed?

What is this feeling? I don't know...


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