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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Spoilt Milk: Chapter 3 - Heart Wave

A week later, 07:15

"PRIIIING!" The alarm clock shrilled on top of its voice, which snatched me out of slumber land in no-time flat. I slammed the heel of my hand against the clock to shut it up. After a few tries, it finally did stop its wails. After my hand slid against the top of the table for a few moments, I finally found my glasses. After I put them on, I looked at the calender on the wall next to me.

Today's the day I must take Glyde to the hospital to have his injured eye tested. To be honest, I kind of dread for this day to come. Why? I really don't know...

I wrapped my nightgown around myself as I got out of bed. I heard soft snores that came from the spare bedroom. I tiptoed inside to check up on my guest. There he was, fast asleep on the bed. He laid on his back, his one arm tucked under his pillow. He was still in his baby-blue pyjamas. Only his lower body was covered with the duvet. That's odd; he's usually awake by now. I even reminded him yesterday that we would go to the doctor today...

I leaned more forward to be more close to Glyde's slumbered form. Hmm, his fringe always veiled the one side of his face for some reason, or other. With a life of its own, my right hand reached towards his face that was always covered by that curtain of hair. My left hand rested on his belly, to keep myself steady.

The fingers of my right hand were just in front of the fringe. They then swept the fringe out of the way to discover the one mystery I've craved to be answered: what was under all that hair? Was he disfigured? Did he hide bionics? Did he have a third eye, which he had tried to have kept hidden?

I let go of my breath( when did I hold my breath? I didn't remember doing so...) when I saw what was beneath. It was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. An anti-climax of sorts. Despite being quite pale compared to its companion, that half of his face wasn't disfigured at all. Wow, he's even more handsome without his fringe. Why would he hide half of his face, if he wasn't disfigured? On second thought, he sure had a large forehead...

I moved my right hand away gingerly, so that I won't wake Glyde up. I felt the fingers of my left hand stroke against fabric as I moved my hand away. I gasped in surprise when I felt his belly twitch. Uh oh, did I wake him up? I felt my heart skip a beat as I watched him turned onto his stomach. He grumbled about something under his breath, still fast asleep. I sighed in relief to calm myself down. Maybe I should let him sleep in for a bit? I mean, we were only supposed to be at the hospital at 09:00. I left him be.

Before I left the room, my guest shot up from bed.
"G'morning, Glyde!" I greeted him.
"Hello, Denise." Glyde stated in a flat tone. That's very odd. He would usually have an arrogant tone when he spoke to me.
"Have you slept well?"
"...I only fell asleep a few hours ago..." the young man admitted in a whisper.
"Hmm, why? Did my cooking upset your stomach?"
"No, it's not that..." That was even more weird. He would've jumped at the opportunity to insult my cooking. What made him so restless that he couldn't even sleep properly?

Much later, Gold City's hospital

"Where do waiting rooms get that amazing talent to make anyone nervous?" I mumbled in nervousness as Glyde and I sat in the waiting room inside the doctor's office. I turned to face my companion. Although his face was neutral, I knew he was scared. Maybe the big give-away would be that his hand almost squeezed the life out of mine?

"Mr. Drake?" the receptionist called out from behind her desk. Glyde's face blanched the moment he heard his alias being called out. After we rose from our seats, we allowed the nurse to lead us to the doctor's office. Glyde was tense the entire time.

Cossack's office

"Well hello, Glyde. Hello, Captain Marmalade. Long time, no see." the doctor greeted us as he stood up from his desk.
"Hello, doctor." Glyde and I greeted back.
"So, Glyde, we'll be checking to see how well your eye has healed from your injury. Just sit on the examination table for me." the man gestured at Glyde. As my friend did what he was told to do, the doctor seemed to have noticed that there's something peculiar about the way Glyde strolled to the table. Almost like he tried too hard to walk without tripping. Something he had done ever since he got himself injured when he had rescued me...

After Glyde finally sat on the table, the doctor turned his head around to face me.
"Ms. Marmalade, do you mind waiting outside? What Mr. Glyde and I would discuss might be confidential..."
"Doctor, she can stay. I don't mind." Glyde's voice was soft and timid.
"You sure?"
"Thanks, Glyde." I smiled to myself. He actually wanted me to stay? I sat into the chair, and turned it around to face the doctor and my friend.

The doctor examined the eye that was injured with various equipment. After a few minutes, he finally spoke.
"Glyde, how strong was your eyesight before the accident?"
"Well, my eyesight was 60/200, without my glasses, or the contact."
"Do you usually glasses, or contact lenses? Be totally honest."
"Until I was twelve, I wore my glasses all the time. After that, I wore my contact. That contact was quite special, actually."
"How so?"
"I could wear them all the time, even when I'm asleep. Unfortunely, I can't read with them, so I have to wear my glasses whenever I need to read. Why would you want to know that?"
"Well, you do remember how you received that eye injury, right?"
"Yes, I do. Quite well, actually. What are you getting at?"

"Mr. Glyde, you remember what I told you last time, correct? That if it weren't for your contact, you would've lost your eye, instead of being blinded?"
"Doctor?", I finally spoke up, "What are you trying to say?"
"I'm sorry, Mr. Glyde, but your injured eye didn't make any improvements since you were last here..."
"But, but how is that possible? Shouldn't it be fully healed by now?"
"Mr. Glyde, your eye's fully healed."
"Fully healed? But, then why can't I see yet?"
"That's what baffled me. I haven't seen a case like this before..."

"Maybe it'll take some time before his eyesight would return?" I suggested.
"No, it won't." Glyde shook his head in sadness.
"What?" I blinked in surprise.
"Since my eye's fully healed and the sight in that eye didn't return yet, then it meant that the nerves were damaged beyond repair." "..."

"Mr. Glyde, may I examine your other eye?" the doctor asked.
"Why would you want to examine my other eye?"
"I want to see how it was affected since the accident. Like maybe your strained that eye too much because it does the work of both eyes. Now, can you please hold your fringe away from your face, please?"
"Uhm, okay..." the pirate bit his lip as the curtain of hair was lifted away from his face. The doctor and I were shocked. So, that's why he hid that side of his face all the time! One could see with ease that Glyde was blind in that eye. I can't really explain what told me it that eye's blind, but I just knew.

"Why didn't you tell us you were blind in both eyes?"
"Doctor, you want me to advertise my vulnerbality in front of you all?"
"Why didn't you tell me, Glyde?" I demanded. I felt quite hurt he didn't trust me.
"..." he was silent for a moment, until he mumbled something under his breath. It sounded like he said that he didn't want to make me feel guilty. I guess I heard wrong.

"If I may ask, how long were you blind in that eye?"
"Ever since I was born, Doctor. That's why I wore glasses, and then my contact lense. My good eye worked over-time because it had to do the work of both eyes."
"Glyde, may I ask a question?"
"Yes, you can, Doctor."
"Let's say your eyesight won't come back, are you willing to undergo surgery?"
"I don't want any cybernetic implants. I want the same eyes I was born with!"
"It doesn't necessary mean you'll get cybernetic implants..."
"Look, I know how you surgeons operate. You all believe everything can be fixed by cybernetics. Even though I do have Reploid ears, which I was born with, I'm not comfortable with anything remotely robotic..."

After an hour of debating, the doctor decided that Glyde would get a walking cane and special sunglasses instead. After he done some measurements, the doctor told us that the walking can and sunglasses would be ready in a week. After that, he would teach Glyde how to use the walking cane properly.

Much later, Denise's home

As soon as we arrived home, Glyde asked whether or not he could use my phone. I told him he could. Before he could even dial the number, he asked me to please leave the room. Although I did leave, I stood in the hallway to eavesdrop on Glyde. I felt quite guilty for doing so, but I really want to know who he would phone.

I watched as he picked up the receiver and asked the operator to dial a certain number for him. So, that's how he dialled the phone numbers, without making any mistakes.
"Hello, Mommy. Hello, Daddy. It's me. No, I'm not fine. Why not? Well, I went to the doctor today for my eye..." Glyde's voice cracked as he explained to his parents what the doctor told him. My heart broke for him as I heard the man, that was usually so proud, cry like a little boy.
"...No, I'm fine here. Denise's looking after me quite well. You don't have to worry about that. Oh, you want to speak to her, Mommy? Okay, I'll call her."

"Denise?" Glyde called out for me. I took tiny steps as I entered the living room.
"Coming, Glyde. What's up?" I pretended to not know what was going on.
"My Mommy and Daddy wants to speak to you." my pirate companion stated as he offered the receiver to me. I held onto it like a lifeline as soon as Glyde turned his heel to leave. My heart thumped into my chest as I placed the receiver into my ear.

"Hello?" I greeted in meekness. I didn't know what to expect.
"Hello, Denise?" a woman spoke in a mysterious tone.
"Yes, it's me. H-Hello, ma'am." I stuttered in nervousness.
"Please, don't 'ma'am' me. Just call me Mrs. Ayanokoji."
"Will do, ma'am." I nodded my head.
"I know you're wondering why I want to speak to you. Well, it's mainly because of my son."
"I found it...interesting to hear that he finally found a girlfriend."
"Girlfriend?!" my face burnt red the moment I heard that. She thought that we were dating?!
"Yes, yes. My son always said such nice things about you."
"I know he sometimes insults you or your cooking, but that's his way of showing affection. He doesn't know what else he could do to get your attention."

I spoke to both Glyde's parents for almost an hour; mainly about their son.
"Denise, may I ask you a question?" Mr. Ayanokoji asked.
"Sure, go ahead."
"Didn't you wonder why Glyde wanted to stay with you?"
"Well, he did say I was in his debt after he saved my life. He wasn't fit to fly home, nor did he allow us to fly him home. So, I offered him to stay at my place until he got better."
"But, didn't you wonder why he didn't ask you to phone us?"
"Well--" Hey, that's a valid question! He could've easily gotten a lift from his parents; and asked me from day to day to do certain deeds for him...
"Ha ha, anyways, take care. Goodbye, Denise. We shall chat again someday." Both of Glyde's parents chuckled over the phone and hung up afterwards. Okay, that really crept me out.

A week later, Glyde finally got the sunglasses and walking cane. The doctor taught him how to use it. After a mere three days, he mastered the ability to use the walking cane. From that day onwards, I always escorted Glyde wherever he wanted to go. He was also very impressed when I told him how I defeated Tron's Gustaff. That was the first time I got him to smile this week. Ever since the truth dawned him that he could be blind forever, he was in a deep depression. Sometimes, he wouldn't even notice his surroundings...

A week later, Glyde decided to go to Bonne Bean on his own. I was a bit nervous at first, but I allowed him, anyways. The first week went by smoothly. But, the second week didn't. Teisel bumped into Glyde that week. Surprisingly, Teisel didn't start a fist fight with his rival. In fact, Glyde started to visit that shop every single day since then. I've also noticed how Glyde's depression disappeared. He was happy to have another friend. That's good. I had started to worry about him being so depressed.

But, I will learn the hard way that even the best of friends have a little bit of rivalry...


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