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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Spoilt Milk: Chapter 5 - Love Letter

One week before "Teisel's New Look"

"Denise!" Glyde's gleeful voice filled the air as he called me. It was early in the morning, and I was still asleep. I rolled out of my bed, surprised when I saw Glyde in my bedroom. He stared at me straight in the face. He actually made eye contact with me!
"Hmm, what is it, Glyde?" I mumbled as I placed my glasses on my nose. I only then noticed a giant grin plastered on Glyde's face.

"It's a miracle!" Glyde squealed in delight as he wrapped his arms around me.
"What's a miracle, Glyde?"
"Despite what that quack said, I can see again!" Glyde stated in giddiness as he hugged me tight.
"Wh-what?! You can see again? When did it happen?" I grinned in happiness.
"This morning. At first, I just saw darkness. But after awhile, everything became light and colourful. I might only have 60/200 vision now, that would be improved by the help of my contact. Thank goodness I brought my spare contact with me."

After Glyde phoned his parents, we celebrated the great news by going to Bonne Bean for some coffee and muffins. Although he did regain his eyesight, Glyde decided to stay with me for another week, just in case it was just a fluke that he could see.

One week later

Glyde and I had breakfast when the doorbell rang.
"Who could that be?" Glyde growled in anger. I got up from my seat, Glyde at my heels. I readied myself as I unlocked the door. I swung the door open. I looked around. No one? I heard Glyde gasp behind me. I turned around to face him. He was looking down at my feet. I turned around and looked down as well. I gasped when I saw what shocked him. There stood ten birdbots in front of us.

"Keh Keh Keh. We finally found you, Boss." a green birdbot squacked at Glyde.
"What are you doing here? How did you find me?" Glyde demanded in anger.
"Keh keh keh. We're going for a Dig, and we need you, Boss." another birdbot crowed.
"You need me? But, haven't you been in a Dig before?"
"Yes, but the reaverbots gave us too much trouble. We need your help."
"...Okay, I'll help and assist you lot. First, let me get my armour and Eagle Rapier."

After that, Glyde left with the birdbots to Dig. The house was so quiet without him, I could've sworn I heard the dust settle down on the furniture. A few hours later, Glyde finally returned. He explained that it was time for him to return home. In reluctance, I helped him pack all his belongings into the bags, then helped him carry them into the Glyde Swan. After the last bag was thrown into the boot of Glyde's ride, he stared at me with doe-like eyes. After a few minutes of staring, he embraced me into a bear hug. He thanked me for being such a great hostess, and friend. It was also a goodbye hug. Before I could stop myself, I kissed him goodbye. His cheeks became ruby-red after I had done so. He said goodbye again, and hinted that we'll be in touch.

A day later, someone knocked on my front door loudly. I opened it, and gaped in shock at what I saw. Teisel cradled an unconscious Glyde in his arms.
"Wh-what happened?" I squeaked in fear.
"We were in a Dig, and he was knocked unconscious."
"He needs to get to the hospital right away!"
"I know, but we need to contact his parents first."
"He's only seventeen, which means we need his parents' permission for them to operate on him."

"Okay, come inside and I'll contact his parents."
"You do have his parents' phone number, right?" Teisel asked in a panicked voice, as he watched me search a pile of papers on the kitchen table. After three long minutes, I finally found my telephone bill. I searched until I found the phone number that Glyde always used.
"I found it." I sighed in relief. I dialled the number in the speed I never knew I had. As soon as I told them, Glyde's parents told me that they sent someone to come pick us up in their aircraft. That person would take us to a hospital in Berelf Island.

Much later

Teisel and I rushed to the hospital, scared for Glyde's sake. When we arrived at the entrance, we saw an extremely well-groomed couple. They rushed towards us, panic evident on their face
"Yuki?!" the man gasped in horror as he saw Glyde. The woman's face was void with emotion, yet her eyes told me she was just as worried.
"He's badly injured. Now, if you excuse me..." Teisel pardoned himself as he rushed into the building, us in tow. Glyde was wheeled into the operating theatre. After a few hours, the head surgeon approached us. He informed us that Glyde had a terrible concussion, and that the doctors did what they had to do. It was all up to Glyde when he'll come to.

For four days, I stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Ayanokoji. They treated me like a daughter they never had. I also learnt quite a lot about Glyde during my stay. Each day we visited the hospital, just in case Glyde had woken up from the coma. He only did so on the fourth day. He was quite shocked when he heard Teisel was the one that took him to hospital.

After the doctors released him. Glyde offered me to stay one more night at his place. I did. After that, I returned to my home in Rhyship Island. I regretted it the moment I entered the now-empty home. Everything was quiet. Too quiet. I didn't even bother to switch the light on.

I slumped into my couch, and allowed the hot tears to flow freely down my cheeks.


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