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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 2 - Glyde's New Look

Glyde's POV

I can't believe this. I really can't. What on Terra caused me to be in this horrible situation?
"I can't believe you talked me into going in a Dig with you lot!" I yelled at my darling birdbots( who aren't so darling now, to be honest). Then again, I can't believe they somehow found me on Rhyship Island...
"Keh Keh Keh. You're the only one that can beat the reaverbots for us." one birdbot shrugged his shoulders.
"Ugh. But, you lot were able to handle the Rhyship Island ruins on your own before..."
"The two-legged primates kept bugging us."
"But, you said the reaverbots gave you troubles..." I questioned them. Hmm, why did they look so nervous when I asked? I could've sworn one admitted that they wanted me to accompany them for this Dig. Why would they want me to be with them?

To be perfectly honest, I never liked being on Digs. It's all stuffy, dirty and full of danger. How did Daddy ever cope? Pfft, how could anyone get so desperate to Dig? Especially since the famous Mother Lode's not what everyone thought it was. Oh, and why did I decide to walk on foot with the birdbots? Oh yeah, the Glyder's in desperate need of upgrades...

"Keh, we've never been this deep in the ruins before." the green birdbot whispered in a hiss, sounding a bit nervous.
"Nothing to be worried about. I have my Eagle Rapier with me." I winced when I realized that I've sounded sincere and reassuring. The birdbots even looked frightened when they've heard my sincere voice.

The Eagle Rapier's a family heirloom. Its handle was silver and shaped like an eagle's head. The blade(or whatever it's called. Hey, I'm no expert with swords) seemed to glow with a red light. But, that's not all; it's so powerful, it destroyed a gigantic reaverbot with one swing. Despite all this, I don't like using this weapon at all. Wanna know why? Here's the biggest gripe I have with this awful weapon: The colours clash with my beautiful armour! What's the point of having such a powerful weapon when its colours clash with your outfit?! But since it's my only weapon, I have to use it.

I stopped in my tracks when I've noticed a giant door blocked our way.
"What should we do now?" the other green birdbot( y'know, I should've given them names. Or numbers.) asked me.
"That's simple. You should let us through." a familiar voice boomed from behind us. I turned around angrilly, annoyed someone would speak to us like that. I blinked when I've noticed the Gustaff and Bon Bonne. Oh, and five servbots around them.

"Well well, if it isn't the Bonnes?" I tapped my chin in thought, my other hand holding the Eagle Rapier as if it were a walking cane. A bad habit I picked up from staying with Denise for those two months...
"Well, if it isn't Glyde?", Teisel's voice boomed from inside the Gustaff, "Fancy meeting you here."
"Likewise. Remember our truce, Teisel. I've never left this island."
"Teisel, please tell me you didn't--"
"No Tron, I didn't get another loan from the Loathes."

"So Glyde, are you and Denise still seeing each other?" Teisel teased. The birdbots looked as if they swallowed a bottle of vinegar when they heard the comment.
"What do you mean, Teisel?"
"I'll explain later, Tron."
"Huh, what do you mean?" I asked, curiousity peaked. I felt a bit angry when I heard him talk about Denise like that. Huh, but he didn't really insult her either. Why did I feel so angry?

"Well, I've noticed you actually stayed with her for an entire month. I've also noticed how she linked her arm around yours, as if she's guiding you." Teisel pointed out.
"There's a good explanation for that..."
"I know the reason why the two of you stayed together..."
"..." Curses, did he somehow find out I was blind for that month? My eyesight only came back last week, so how did he...?
"The two of you are married!" Teisel squealed like a girl. Tron shrieked in horror. The servbots looked confused. "Buu?" Bon Bonne asked. I wonder, how did the Bonnes ever understand him?

My cheeks felt as if they were on fire. I felt millions of eyes bore into my very soul, which made my cheeks burn even worse. I wished a giant blackhole would appear beneath my feet; suck me in for all of eternity. I stared down at the ground in front of me, hoping the blackhole would appear.
"D-Do-Do-Don't b-be-be si-sill-ee, Teisel, we're only friends." I mumbled. Huh? Why do have this funny feeling?
"What was that? A confession?"
"Shut up, you moron! You don't know anything! All you ever do is sit on your behind with the rest of your family do all the hard work!" I shrilled on top of my voice.

"..." Teisel and his family were mute after my outburst. I charged out of the area, my darlings flying to catch up to me. After I finally arrive at the beginning of the cave, I collapsed on my knees, gasping for air.
"Master Glyde, are you okay?" Beta asked. Oh, Beta. He's the very first birdbot that I've ever invented. He's the only birdbot with the personality and loyalty of a child.
"...I'm leaving you in charge, Beta. I'm leaving this island." I confessed.
"Keh? Why?"
"Don't question me. Do what I say. You all must listen to Beta while I'm gone."

I went back to Denise's home to pack my belongings, then hugged her goodbye. I felt my cheeks burn when she kissed me goodbye. Using my new aeroplane: The Glyde Swan, I flew back home to Berelf Island. My parents welcomed me back with open arms. The entire evening was all good, until Daddy brought a painful topic up. I went to bed in anger. I'll bet Daddy wouldn't even apologize...

Suddenly, my entire body shook in fright. Y'know, like how your body jerks in shock after having an awful nightmare? It's like an entire bolt of...shock filled my entire being. I shot right up from bed. I pressed my hand against my chest, to calm my heart down.

Something didn't feel right. My bedroom looked odd. And what happened to my avian figurines? And my furniture? And since when did Mommy and Daddy paint my room that colour? It was dove-blue yesterday! Why did my duvet look different? And those curtains are awful!

I jumped out of my bed. I looked down at the carpet. How did Mommy and Daddy change my bedroom overnight? Even the carpet's a different colour. I looked at my feet. Huh? How did my feet get bigger? And why did they look different? I looked at my legs. They were masculine. Hmm, I could've sworn I wore my baby-blue pyjamas...

I lifted my top up. How did I become so macho? I poked my belly. Those abs felt every bit as hard as they looked. My chest and waist were also wider and more unfeminine . My shoulders were also wider and more non-effeminate. I checked my masculine arms. My biceps and triceps were huge. I checked my hands. They were bigger and macho. The fingers thicker and shorter. With one finger, I felt the palm of my hand. It felt rough and hard. As if I've never worn gloves...

Then I've just realized something. Both of my eyes had perfect vision. My fringe didn't hang over my face. I felt my nose. Odd, my nose felt big. I felt my ears. They were soft? They weren't round? My fingers combed through my hair. It didn't feel as soft as it usually did. My hand paused when it reached my neck. How did my hair get long?

It must be an odd nightmare. There's no other explanation, right? I gingerly walked towards the door. I gingerly turned the doorknob, making sure it won't break when I turn it. I tip-toed into the passageway, then clicked the door closed. Okay, that's just wrong. The colours clashed with one another. Why did Mommy and Daddy change the passageway, anyways? To spite me?

It felt as if hours went by as I searched for a bathroom. Hmm, I could've sworn that was the tenth Servbot that walked past me. Nah, it's just my nightmare.

I finally arrived in the bathroom. Why did they do this to me? Even the bathroom looked different. And it looked...homely. Like a family lived here. Back home, we're such neat freaks; our home didn't have a character of its own.

The first thing I did, I charged towards the mirror. What I saw shocked me to the core. Instead of my reflection, Teisel looked every bit as confused as I felt. I wiped a strand of hair out of my face. He did the same. I opened the tap and splashed water onto of my face. He did the same. I dried my face with a face-cloth, he did the same.

"What's going on here?" I asked myself. Instead of my beautiful voice, I heard Teisel's. I paled. It's not a nightmare. It's not April Fool's. It's not some weird sci-fi. I really am in Teisel's body.

"How did you get us into this mess, idiot?" I growled. I don't want to be in his body, even though he's good-looking. I always took pride in my androgynous figure. I'm living proof it's possible to be androgynous and still look beautiful. Now I'm in this body. Guess he's in mine.

A sudden thought struck me like a slap in a face. What if Teisel decides to hurt Mommy and Daddy? Ever since Daddy hurt his back in a Dig, he can't defend himself. Mommy can defend herself, but what if she can't because she can't bear the thought of hurting the body of the boy she brought into this world?

"Really idiot, how did you get us into this mess?"


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