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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 3 - Blackmail

Teisel's P.O.V.

I gingerly turned the doorknob open, before I dared myself to step out into my doom. "There you are. I wondered where you were." the owner of the deep voice spoke to me, whom looked a bit confused for some reason. Hmm, he looked and sounded familiar. Oh yes, Glyde did mention that his father's Mr. Ayanokoji. He was a Digger before he retired and became a program designer. He became a multi-billionaire afterwards.
"Good morning, son. How did you sleep?" Mr. Ayanokoji asked me with such a sincere voice.
"Fine, Dad. Good morning to you." I chirped happily. Bird Boy's father cocked his hairy eyebrow quite high. He sighed deeply, before he placed a gentle hand on Avian Avenger's shoulder.

"Glyde, about last night..." he began before he cleared his throat. He looked nervous and as if he was forced to eat a couple of humble pies.
"Hmm?" I asked, curiosity peaked. What happened last night to Proud Peacock and his father?
"I-I-I'm very sorry about the way I reacted. I was out of line. The reason why I acted like that was... I was so worried about you. Your mother too."
"Apology accepted." I smiled with sincerity. I'm sure that's the same reaction Avian Avenger would have, right?

Mr. Ayanokoji and I started to stroll through the giant hall. He started to blab about nonsense. I forced myself to listen to the boring blahs that blurted from his mouth.
"Your mother 'asked' the chefs and cooks to have the day off. Luckily for us, she knew how to boil an egg. I don't know about the bacon and toast though." the man chuckled with force.
"..." I didn't know what to say. Was that a secret message, perhaps?
"You and your mother... so much alike. You even have her twisted sense of humour. I mean, you gave your Birdbots roasted chicken?" Bird Boy's father laughed. I felt myself shudder at the thought. Did he give them scrambled eggs too?

We both entered the lovely dining room, or should that be chamber? The chamber looked fit enough for royalty. Not even Mr. Loathe's dining room's this fancy. The dining table was long. The food was already set in front of the chairs. I sat down on one of the chairs, close to where a lady sat. Glyde's father sat down on the chair that faced me.

"Mornin'." the woman whispered as she took a sip from her tea. She eyed me with suspicion. Huh? What did I do?
"Good morning!" I grinned so wide, I could've sworn the muscles in Avian Boy's cheeks cramped. Now, he would look like Juno for the rest of his life.
"Still in your PJs?" the woman whispered mysteriously behind her teacup, her eyes studied Silver-tongued Swan's ruby-red eyes. Her ruby eyes studied every single inch of my very soul. Did she knew somehow that I'm not the original owner of this body? To avoid her gaze, I decided to have a staring contest with the eggs in front of me.

"I thought you always changed into your casuals after you've woken up, Glyde." the spooky mother whispered. I don't know what's worse anymore; being in this creep's body, or his creepy mother's gaze?
"I--I-- just wanted to have a little change, that's all." I chuckled nervously. Damnit, I clean forgot Proud Peacock might have a custom. Utensils in hands, I watched the egg yolk ooze of the egg as the knife sliced the egg in half. I repeated the process until there were five small slices of egg. I pierced the pieces with the fork, before I aimed them into Glyde's mouth.

"Hmm. Glyde, I always thought you ate the bacon first?" Mrs. Ayanokoji asked mysteriously. Her tone of voice had a hint of threat in it. Did she figure it out already?
"..." Crud, another mistake I made.
"Aww Miyu-honey, let the boy do whatever he wants." Mr. Ayanokoji scoffed, slice of toast in hand. Strange, I could've sworn he gave me the same look the Avian Master's mother gave me a few seconds ago...

Breakfast time's atmosphere, after Glyde Snr.'s comment, felt awkward. It was so thick, not even Blue Boy's most-powerful weapon could pierce through it.
"Thanks for breakfast, honey."
"You're welcome. Oh, and Yukihiko, your friend Werner phoned. He wanted to know whether or not you'd like to meet him and his friend Barrell on Rhyship Island."
"But, I didn't hear the phone ring..."
"..." Okay, why did they both stare at one another like that? Something fishy's going on, or my name's not Bonne.
"Oh well, it's been a long time since I've spoken to ol' Werner." Oddball Owl's father sighed in defeated, leaving me to defend myself with the scary woman. Forget the fact he's an infamous Air Pirate, Glyde would strike fear in anyone's hearts with his mother's wrath.

"You're not our son. You may look like him, but you act nothing like him." Miyu's voice was filled with venom. Her tone colder than ice. I'm head-deep in trouble now...

"What do you mean, Mom? I'm Glyde, you're son."
"Hogwash! Firstly, Glyde calls his parents, 'Mommy and Daddy'. Secondly, your posture's all wrong. Thirdly, you acted as if nothing happened last night! My Glyde would hold a grudge for weeks; not hours. So, drop your act."
"I'm just tired, Mommy. Also, I've decided to never hold a grudge again." I lied. I felt quite guilty doing so, but I was convinced Oddball Owl's Mother Hen was about to shred me into tiny ribbons.

"What's up with the change, Glyde? You were normal last night, even when your Daddy brought up the same argument again."
"Which was?" I tried to sound sarcastic.
"Your Daddy would ask you why you worked for Mr. Loathe. He and I never understood why you worked for him. I never understood why you wanted to even work for him in the first place..."
"I know we pressurized you to get a job at the tender age of twelve; but it was for your own good. You were so shy and withdrawn. We thought if you had a job, it would somehow make your more open and overcome your shyness."
"And it did..."
"But, you were employed by the one man your Daddy depised with all his heart. A very dangerous and two-faced man. Plus, his former henchman's a dangerous monster. Mr. Loathe had many enemies, which you now have because of him. I mean, Mr. Loathe's greatest rival family's Nebula Grey! His former henchman's a member of that family too! All those dangers, and you wonder why your Daddy and I want you to quit your job?"

"But Mommy..." I bit my lip. I felt a pang of guilt for Avian Avenger's parents. The train incident could've killed their son as well, yet it didn't somehow. Maybe Glyde became an air pirate to please his parents? But then again, he still worked for Mr. Loathe.
"I know, Mr. Loathe made you sign a contract which stated you must work for him for the rest of your life. All our arguments were for nought, am I right? Even if you didn't worship Mr. Loathe, you would still work for him?" she stated, but it sounded more like a hopeless question.

After our "discussion", I strolled around the mansion like a headless chicken. After I finally found Silver-Tongued Swan's bedroom, I changed into a white T-shirt( with a Beat imprint on the front), blue jeans and black sneakers.

From the corner of Bird Boy's eye, I saw a photo album. After I sensed perfect blackmail material from inside the forbidden treasure, I grabbed it. I flipped through the thick album, surprised to find pictures of a little boy that wore glasses. The lenses were so thick, you couldn't even see his eyes. The little boy was wispy, and waspwaisted like...Glyde? As I flipped through the album, a photo slid out, which fell on the floor. I picked the photo up. After I studied the photo that's in my hands, I felt the grin on Daring Drake's face grew larger.

Perfect blackmail to use on Glyde...


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