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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Teisel's New Look: Chapter 4 - Flirted with Death

Glyde's P.O.V.

I exited the safe haven of the bathroom, Teisel's heart raced a marathon inside Green Guy's chest. Huh? Green Guy? Where did I get that from? I suddenly felt a severe migraine pound away inside this skull. It felt as if a dozen male ostriches tried to kick themselves out of their prison.

Ugh. My stomach felt as if I had two helpings of spoilt oysters. The cramps were worse than that time I had oysters at a conference with Mr. Loathe. I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be his food tester. As swiftly as they appeared, the cramps and migraine disappeared. I was covered with cold sweat. Teisel, what did you have the previous night?

I decided to stroll back to the Bonne leader's bedroom, simply to avoid being spotted by anyone else. I'm afraid I was too late. Tron came from around the corner. She wore her usual outfit, but it looked quite wrinkled. Her hair wasn't in its usual( and very odd) style. Her fringe( which wasn't held up by her hairband. It was gone.) hung like a wet mop over her forehead. Her mane looked more like a swallow's tail than devil horns. What really shocked me the most was her face. Exhaustion were evident on her face. Black bags under her eyes; eyelids drooped. One would swear she never had a wink of sleep.

"Teisel, there you are!" she sighed in relief. To my surprise, she wrapped her svelte arms around Green Guy's body.
"Morning, Tron." I mumbled. Geez, did the Bonnes always greet each other like this?
"Morning, Teisel.", the younger girl sniffed,"Oh Teisel, you shouldn't worry me like that (especially what've happened last night). One moment you were in your room, the next you were gone."
"How you feeling? That was a nasty fall you had."
"My head? Uh..." Okay, how did a fall cause us to switch bodies?
"After you picked that weird artifact and wished that Glyde knew how it felt to be you, you fell quite hard on the floor--"
"I'm fine. Just a little headache."
"Thank goodness." Teisel's only sister sighed in relief. I could tell she tried her best not to cry. Something told me to reassure her that I was fine( well, she did believe I'm her brother Teisel). Damn that Denise. She made me soft.

"I'm sorry that I scared you, but I'm fine now. It was a small concussion. Now you just rest. You were up all night worrying about me, hm?" I asked in the most sickeningly-sweet tone any human could ever muster. She nodded shyly. I rested my hand on her shoulder, as I pretended to escort her the way back to her bedroom. She was the one that lead me to her bedroom. As if all her energy was drained from her body, she opened the door. To my surprise, she started to fall soon afterwards. I grabbed her around her waist to stop her from the fall, worried that she was injured somehow. I sighed in relief when I heard soft snoring. Her body must've decided to catch up on the sleep she was deprived of last night.

I tucked my arm under her legs, the other under her back. I picked her up with little effort, surprised how strong the grey-haired Bonne actually was. I carried the young pirate into her bedroom, before I placed her on her bed. I was surprised when I noticed...woman undergarments were sprayed all over the floor. A lone servbot parked its backside inside Tron's top drawer. A frilly lower undergarment crowned his yellow head. Out of nowhere, another servbot stood right besides me. I also noticed a servbot that sat by the piano. The one with his new head ornament seemed to be in paradise.
"No. 40, I just cleaned Miss Tron's bedroom." the yellow robot whispered angrilly.

I noticed a design magazine on the chair next to Tron's bedside. I've never seen this series before. Maybe I could get some great ideas for my bedroom? I flipped through the pages. This wasn't a design magazine! After I tried my best to hide my blush, I threw the dirty mag into the dustbin.

I made a beeline to Green Guy's bedroom. I locked the door as soon as I entered this safe haven. I slumped myself onto the floor. That migraine and tummy ache came back full-force. It left as soon as it came. I used my new eyes to scan the bedroom around me. Hmm, maybe I could find something to use against him? But first, I should get dressed, but where had he kept his green armour? I searched each drawer and cupboard( Aww, what adorable animal plushies! What were Bon Bonne's toys doing here?) until I finally found that tacky armour. Maybe I should give him some fashion tips?

My thoughts were cut off when the grey-haired man's stomach begged for breakfast. After I searched high and low for the dining room, I discovered the cafeteria. Dozens of yellow-and-blue robot children filled the cafe. The giant robotic baby amongst them. He waved his giant arms for some reason or other.
"Babu! Ba Ba Bu Bu BuBuu Buu Buu! Babuu!" the giant baby gurgled happily as he rushed towards me, before he almost crushed myself with the mother of all bearhugs. What did he try to say? I knew English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese; not Babu.
"I'm happy to see you too." I winced as I rubbed my shoulder.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Daddy's friends Barrell Caskett and Werner Von Bluecher...and that annoying blonde Roll Caskett. The three ate corn flakes. They looked so alone. After I got myself breakfast, I decided to join them.
"Hello, there!" I greeted happily, as I sat down. I noticed that robotic monkey by that blonde's feet. Hmm, was that the infamous Macarena?

"Hey there, Teisel. How're you?" Verner spoke up. The others were too busy with their meal.
"I'm fine, thanks."
"I'm glad. That was a dangerous artifact you had held in your hands..."
"It's known as the Soul Switcher."
"...!" Blazing feathers of Beat! What was Teisel doing with that artifact?!
"What's a Soul Switcher?" the blonde asked.
"It's an ancient artifact invented by the Ancients." Barrell Caskett spoke in an intellegent voice.
"Go on."
"It was supposed to swop your soul with someone else, by simply wishing that person knew how it felt to be you."
"But, what happened?"
"The side effects were too great."

"What were the side effects?" I asked, nervous.
"The one who made the wish, or the affected?"
"Well, the affected's body will have the following symtoms: Slight headaches and tummy aches, blood pressure will become lower and lower..."
"Well, the wisher and affected would slowly start to lose their personality..."
"And the wisher's body?"
"Stop interrupting me!"
"The wisher's body will get extreme migraines and tummy aches. Their blood pressure would rise..."
"Why would they be worse off?" Roll asked.
"Their body were in the path of the artifact's radiation."
"There are ways to reverse this, right?" I asked with hope.
"The wisher and the affected must both touch the artifact at the same time. They must then wish that they were in their original bodies again."

I sighed in relief. That's it? That infamous Soul Switcher's not so dangerous as those history books said it was. "The wisher and the affected must do this within a certain time period, or else..."
"They stay in each other's bodies?"
"No. They will die. They will slowly die as their souls were in someone else's body."
"Where's that artifact now?"
"Where you left it. We couldn't touch it because of the radiation."
"Thanks for the info, Mr. Caskett. Now I must go..."

I rushed out of the cafeteria, my heart drummed in my chest as I flew through the hallway. Where did they keep their telephone? I searched each room, my heart beat loud and clear in my ears. After several tries, I finally found one. I gasped for breath as I dialled my home number.

Of all artifacts in the world, you just had to find the Soul Switcher! You just had to flirt with death, hm?


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