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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Your Daddy's Lies: Chapter 1 - Let me tell you a little story, my son

*Yukihiko Ayanokoji Snr.'s P.O.V.*

The bond between a father and his son is one of the most precious relationships a man should have in his life. Unfortunately for me, I do not have such a strong bond with my own son. The only child I have sired in my entire fifty-two years of life.

I blame it on one man: Mr. Loath. He was the one that brainwashed my little boy into becoming a spoilt brat that believed that love is measured by how many gifts one gives. I have taught my little Yuki from day one that money doesn't really buy happiness. All that went down the drain, thanks to Lex.

Lex had taught my son that he should use his handsome appearance ( and his silver tongue) to his advantage. My little Yuki used his two talents to charm attractive woman, and to get out of trouble. Luckily, he didn't use the women; if you know what I mean.

But, that had changed. I've noticed that ever since he came back after his stay with Denise, Glyde had become more humble. He's a lot happier and friendlier as well. Guess that accident made him see everything in life in a new perspective. Or, his love for that Denise-lady changed him for the better.

Glyde, Miyu and I sat in the living room, just doing our own thing. I was reading a book on ancient artifacts. Miyu was playing a tune on the piano. My son seemed nervous the entire time. I haven't a clue why.

"Mommy? Daddy?" Glyde finally whispered. I looked up from my book. Miyu stopped playing. We both turned around to face him.
"Yes, Glyde? What's it?" Miyu asked curiously. Glyde swallowed hard and then continued.
"Denise and I are going on a date tomorrow night, at Omega Heat.
"That's wonderful, dear." Miyu smiled happily. She excused herself to leave the living room. Maybe it's to tell the servants that we must celebrate?

"So, which of our aircrafts would you like to lend to pick her up?" I asked. The boy blinked in confusion. His face became beet-red.
"Err..." My son bit his lip in nervousness.
"Did you hire one? Look, I don't mind that, it's just..."
"Well, I kind of...asked her to be at the mansion at 17:00." the boy hung his head in shame.

"What? But, a gentleman must always pick his girlfriend up for the date!" I exclaimed in frustration.
"But Daddy, Denise can defend herself. Besides I'll ask James to chauffeur us to the restaurant." Glyde huffed in anger.
"A gentleman escorts his date, out of courtesy, not because she can't defend herself. Didn't Mr. Loath teach you anything?!"

Anger flashed in my son's ruby-red eyes. He stammered for a few seconds. His face became red. His body shook in anger.
"Mr. Loath has nothing to do with this, so just leave him out of this, Daddy!" Glyde growled in anger as he bared his fangs.
"Watch your tone, young man!" I snapped in anger.
"Why do you always blame Mr. Loath for everything?" Glyde snarled as he left the living room, speeding up his pace so that he'll get to his bedroom before I could stop him.
"It's because it's always his fault, Yuki!" I called after him, trying to catch up to him. No easy feat, as he is a very swift one.

"I really don't get it, Glyde. Why do you like Mr. Loath so much? I mean, you despised the fact that he tricked you into becoming his henchman, instead of an apprentice. You hate the fact he pays you so little. You hate the fact that the contract made sure that you can't leave him. Why do you worship Mr. Loath like a f-f-father?" I blurted in one sentence. My son stopped in his tracks. He turned around to face me.
"You want to know why, Daddy? You really want to know why? Well, that's because he's more of a father than you'll ever be!"
"...!" I gagged in shock. I didn't expect that from my little boy.
"He has confidence in my abilities. He trusts me with important tasks. He praised me when I do a good job. He looks after me while I stayed in his ship, like a son."

"You've never hugged me, or praised me, even when I was a baby. You've always kept your distance. You act like I'm not capable of anything."
"I have my reasons..."
"Had you any idea how embarrassed I was when he had to give me a lecture on something you should've told me!"
"Oh, how I despise that man..." I whispered to myself, but my boy overheard me.
"Why, Daddy? Why do you despise the late Mr. Loath so much? Why did he ever do to you?" Glyde repeated himself, arms folded in front of his chest.
"You won't understand..."
"Then tell me in a way I'll understand!" my little Yuki whispered softly as he turned his heel to go to his bedroom. I watched him in stunned silence as he slammed his bedroom door the moment he was inside his room.

My son's words echoed my head as I lead myself to the study.
"Maybe there is a way to explain to him what happened, but how?" I whispered to myself as I entered the study. I scanned my surroundings with my eyes, and noticed a small black book one usually uses for a journal. I picked the book up and paged through the book. Nope, there was nothing written in it. An idea popped in my head.
"That's it!" I snapped my fingers.

Why didn't I think of it before? I'll simply write in this book explaining why I despise Lex so much. I picked up my pen, and started writing.

To my son Yukihiko "Glyde" Ayanokoji Junior

I know you've always wondered why I hated Mr. Lex Loath so much. I've never told you the reason why. Looking back, I should have told you. Well, now's the time for me to tell you.

It all started thirty-seven years ago. Barrell Caskett, Verner von Bluecher and I were Digging in the Saul Kada Ruins. Everything went well as we got deeper and deeper into the ruin. Until we encountered this giant dinosaur-like reaverbot that was in a chamber filled with lava. We three tried to attack the reaverbot, yet nothing seemed to work. We decided to leave the chamber, since we don't want to risk losing our lives.

What happened next changed my life forever. The reaverbot slammed its head against the floor. The shockwaves threw me off my feet. Something cracked as my back slammed hard against the floor. The pain paralyzed me. Barrell and Verner had to carry me out of the Saul Kada ruins. I was glad the door we used to enter the chamber wasn't locked.

Ever since that incident, I had back problems. I had to quit my career as a Digger, and I had decided to become a video game programmer. I've always wanted to make kids happy somehow, and what better way than video games? For three years I studied programming and then started a small business. I met your mother during that time, and we've dated for five years, and got married.

For ten years, I had programmed video games for children. The games were very popular, so popular that I eventually became a multi-millionaire after twelve years. I started a franchise and sold my video games all over Terra. My business became so huge; I employed more and more people to assist me.

I've decided that I should get a business partner as well. I really needed someone to help me with the finances, and the business in general. I've looked high and low for someone. I have finally found someone that matched the profile I was looking for. He was known as a kind and compassionate business man. He was loved by all. He was fair, and his services were cheap. I decided that I should ask him if he's interested to be my business partner, and he gladly accepted my offer. Back then, I thought I made a great decision.

Looking back now, I knew it was a big mistake making Lex Loath my business partner...


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