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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Your Daddy's Lies: Chapter 3 - My Guilt

After a few hours, you were finally brought into this world. Your mother was exhausted, but fine. The doctors stitched the serious wound closed. But, you were in worse shape. When the man stabbed your mother, he also stabbed you in your left eye...


Your mother was holding you in her arms. You were quite tiny, even for a newborn baby. It could be because your mother's only five foot, even though her intimidating aura made her seem much taller. You were so tiny, and helpless. Blonde tuffs crowned your head; the substitute for hair. When you opened your right eye for a moment, I saw sapphire-blue. The complete opposite of the colour you have now. Your left eye was bandaged up...

"I'm afraid we had to surgically remove your son's left eye. It was too badly injured for us to save it." the head surgeon explained to your mother and me.
"Doctor, are we going to replace his eye with bionics?" Miyu asked the doctor. She held you even tighter against her chest.
"No, we won't. When he's old enough, we will implant a glass eye in its place. We'll design it to make it look like its blind, so that no one would wonder why he can't see with that eye."

"Thank you, doctor." I stated in gratitude. The doctor left us to be on our own. Your mother looked at me with pure blame. I deserved that.
"Yuki, why did Mr. Loath send his assistant to attack me?" Miyu whispered, afraid to disturb you.
"I discovered that he's a mafia boss, and threatened to report him to the police."
"You what?" Miyu whispered in a tone that dripped with venom.

"I didn't know he'll react like that. I would never think he would go so low and attack you both." I admitted. When I rested my hand on your mother's shoulder, she bucked it off.
"Please leave, I want some time alone..." Miyu sobbed, hugging you even closer. I did what she asked me to do...

*End flashback*

Ever since the tragedy, I never hugged or touched you. I was filled with guilt. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be suffering like this. You saw Miyu as both your parents. You saw me as some stranger that stayed with you. Your mother and I became overprotective parents as well. Who said Mr. Loath wouldn't try and hurt you again? I also replaced any respect I had for Lex with pure rage and hate.

Whe you were four, the doctor gave you the glass eye. He also gave you glasses as well. Being ashamed of your blind eye, you decided to grow your fringe, and made it curtain over it. We have also noticed that since we were so overprotective of you, you were very shy and withdrawn.

When you became twelve, your mother and I decided that you should get a job somewhere, no matter what. We would never have thought you would seek a job from Mr. Loath. All the negative emotions flooded back to us when you told us the bad news. I didn't mean to scold you for being hired by Lex Loath. I didn't mean to demand why you made such a foolish mistake. I'm sorry, my son.

I didn't mean to react so badly whenever you speak of Mr, Loath. Like that time when you came back from Denise's home. I was out of line, and even insulted you for being stupid to work for him.

I'm sorry, my son. I really am sorry...


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