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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 1 - The Date

Warning: Will be rated PG 13 in a later chapter.

As soon as Denise arrived at the Ayanokoji mansion, the couple sped off to the restaurant Omega Heat. Denise wore a midnight-blue evening dress, white evening gloves, midnight-blue high-heels, diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. Instead of glasses, she wore contacts. Her shoulder-length hair styled so that it was more wavy than usual. She only wore a tiny hint of make-up on her face. Glyde wore a black tuxedo, midnight-blue bow-tie, white gloves and black evening shoes. Surprisingly, he didn't splash the entire bottle of cologne on himself. He didn't restyle his hair, saying that his hairstyle would suit any occasion.

James, the chauffeur, decided to park a few blocks away from the entrance of Omega Heat. The two lovebirds were eager to find out how good the restaurant's service would be...


"Right, you boys know what to do, correct?" a baritone voice asked, which clearly belonged to a man deep in his thirties. His entire being was enveloped in darkness, so no one could see his face. He wasn't alone though; as one could make out a silhouette of two people that stood in front of the taller man.
"Yes sir, we do know what to do." a younger voice replied in a meek tone. He and his companion were too veiled by the dark.
"Good. You'd better. In fact, do not fail me once, or else I'll have your heads!" the man warned. The younger beings could only nod in agreement; as it was stupid to do otherwise. They then left as quickly as mist in the morning sun.

*Meanwhile at Omega Heat*

Glyde and Denise were sitting by the table meant for only two people. As the couple had expected, Omega Heat was fairly busy. But, they didn't expect it to be so busy that the waiter took forever just to serve their order.
"I mean, are they still trying to fish for lobsters? What's taking them so long?" Denise fumed as she took a sip from her champagne. Glyde snorted in agreement.
"Dee-dear, maybe we should leave if the food's not here within an hour?" Glyde asked in an annoyed tone.
"I agree. This is the worst service that I've ever received." Denise huffed loudly, hoping a nearby waitron could get the hint.

"We are in a first-class restaurant that can't even serve their customers in decent time? What else could go wrong?" the avian pirate complained as he smothered his face into the palms of his hands. As if on cue, sudden darkness filled the entire building. Glyde and his date were quite shocked that this happened.

"You just had to ask?" Denise asked in an amused tone. But, not everyone found this amusing. The couple noticed that waitrons held flashlights as they lead the people out of the building. A waitress led Denise and Glyde outside of the building( Glyde complained the entire way how bad the service was; and even threatened to sue. The waitress rolled her eyes every step of the way). To their utter amazement, everything was pitch black. Not one building in the entire street had a light on. In fact, not even the street lights were burning.

"Are power cuts normal on Berelf Island?" the cop lady asked her date. Her date looked quite confused as well. They were the only ones in the street.
"We've never had power cuts before. It's very peculiar." Glyde mused to himself.
"It sure is dark..." Denise shivered nervously. Assuming his date was cold, Glyde offered her his jacket. The blue-eyed woman accepted it, despite not being cold.
"Denise, I don't think it's safe out here when it's this dark..."
"I agree. Let's go back to your place." Denise suggested.

After James had picked them up, Glyde and Denise were transported back to the Ayanokoji mansion. They've noticed during the entire trip that it seemed that the entire island had no power. It took James much longer than usual to take the master and his date home, since the drivers had to treat the non-working traffic lights as four-way stops.

After thirty minutes, they had finally arrived at the Ayanokoji mansion. To their amazement, police cars surrounded the entire entrance. The avian pirate, the cop lady and the chauffeur jumped out of the car. Acting on instinct alone, Glyde tried to charge into the mansion. But, the policeman grabbed him by the shoulder to stop him.

"I'm afraid you can't go in there, kid." the man warned. Angry that he wasn't allowed in, Glyde stood tall, trying to look intimidating.
"Why can I not go in, officer? I am Yukihiko Ayanokiji Junior, son of Yukihiko Ayankoji Senior and Miyuki Akane Ayanokoji! I have every right to go in!"

"Yuki, you can't go in because the cops are investigating a crime scene." Denise's voice came from behind her date. A police office stood beside her.
"A crime scene? Dee-dear, what do you mean, and where's my parents?" the avian lover dared himself to whisper. Silence poisoned the air.

"Dee-dear?" Glyde asked again, afraid of what he'll hear. Noticing that the woman was too distraught to speak, a female cop decided to speak up.
"We also believe the island's power cut wasn't an accident."
"Why not?" James asked the cop.
"You see the street lights burning right over there?" the cop asked as she to the street lights on her right. The others stared at what she pointed at.

"Strange, the power's back on." James pointed out.
"Exactly. We've noticed that from the moment we arrived here, which was a minute before you've arrived, the power came back on."
"Wait, what does that have to do with anything, officer?!" Glyde demanded.
"Mr. Ayanokoji, your parents have been kidnapped while the power was cut off..."

"Say what?! I don't believe it!" the avian prince screamed in frustration. To everyone's surprise, the tall man leaped into the air and glided over the surprised officers' heads. He charged into the mansion and ran until he spotted a charred carpet. Glyde used his heels as brakes, and stopped in his tracks. He bends down to examine the marks. He didn't notice the police officers; Denise and James behind him.

"These marks...they look like bullet holes." Glyde mused as he squints his eyes. One of the officers lifted the carpet up. There were bullet holes in the floor.
"These bullet holes could only be caused by a giant mecha, judging by its size..." a policeman pointed out.
"They look familiar, somehow..." Denise mused to herself.
"Of course they do. There's only one person I know that has a mecha that could make such large bullet holes..." Glyde seethed in anger.

"Who, Glyde?" Denise asked curiously as her date got up to his feet. The former henchman of Lex Loath whipped his head around in pure anger.
"He's the one person that hates my guts like no other." Glyde spoke in pure venom; hands clenched in tight fists as his body shook in anger.

"Who would that be, Glyde?" James asked softly.
"That would be...Teisel Bonne!"


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