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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 2 - The Bonne's Dilemma

*Gesellschaft Mark II, HQ*

"All right people, man your positions! The Drache had finally dropped Tron and the boys in front of the ruins. I shall be the spotter for this mission." Teisel barked orders left and right.
"Yes, Master Teisel!" the servbots chorused together as they worked like clockwork. Bon Bonne decided to stand behind his brother, to watch him.

Placing the headphones over his ears, Teisel sat in the Spotter chair. Truth be told, he was quite nervous. He had never spotted before; mainly doing the manual work while Tron did the spotting. What if he screwed up, and his sister and the boys' lives were lost because of it?

"Gustaff to Gesellschaft Mark II. We are deep in the ruins. Over." Tron's static voice was heard through Teisel's headphones.
"Gesellschaft Mark II to Gustaff, we hear you loud, but with a bit of static. Over."
"Gustaff to Gesellschaft Mark II. Understood. Over."
"Gesellschaft Mark II to Gustaff. Roger. Over."

"Okay Teisel, you can do this..." the Bonne leader mumbled as he fiddled with the spotter equipment. After awhile, he figured out how to use the equipment.
"Tron, there's a giant door that's disguised as a wall. It should be NNE from where you are positioned." Teisel pointed out.
"Ah, I see. Hmm, I've never seen this door before..." Tron pondered out loud, "Thanks, Teisel. You're quite good at spotting, even though you told me you've never understood any of the equipment."

"Thanks, Sis." Teisel smiled happily.
"Huh? Okay, that's odd..." Tron's confused voice buzzed through the headphones.
"What's odd, Sis?"
"When I just turned around, I noticed that none of the boys were with me. Strange, I made sure every single one of their Speeds was maxed out..."
"Maybe you made so many twists and turns, they've gotten lost?" the grey-haired man suggested.
"I hope so..."

After an hour, Teisel noticed something bleep on the spotter equipment's screen.
"Oh! Hey Tron, I'm picking a strong signal that's behind you! Huh? The signal just disappeared. Must be some sort of glitch. Never mind Tron; it's just a false alarm."
"Tron, are you there? Tron? I can't hear you; there's too much static!" the eldest Bonne sibling began to worry as he didn't hear anything from his little sister.

"Master Teisel, we lost all contact with the Gustaff..." one of the servbots informed the leader. Silence filled the air as everyone wondered whether or not Tron and the others were alright...

"Babu?" Bon Bonne asked his eldest sibling. The eldest Bonne stood up from his seat; pacing up and down and he tried to figure out what happened. "I really don't know what happened, Bon." Teisel sighed in defeat. "Boys, we're going to the ruins to find out what happened to Tron and the others!" "Yes, Master Teisel!" the servbots saluted. *Much later* The Drache dropped Teisel( who was piloting the Ludwig Mark II), Bon Bonne and several of the servbots in front of the ruins. "Alright boys, be on the lookout. We could meet up with something very dangerous." Teisel warned the others, before he led them inside the ruins. After two hours of searching, the group found a wooden crate in the middle of the ruins. Curious as to what's inside, Teisel decided to lift the lid open. Inside the crate, to everyone's surprise, were the servbots that were accompanying Tron. All six servbots were knocked unconscious. After they placed all the unconscious servbots into the Ludwig, the servbots and the Bonne brothers continued in their journey to find out what happened to the Bonne sister.

After what felt like hours, the group finally found the Gustaff. The mecha's limbs were sliced off cleanly; and the Gustaff looked quite beaten up. Teisel, Bon and the servbots rushed towards the mecha, hoping that they won't find what they've feared. "Miss Tron?" the servbots called out. No response.

"Oh no..." Teisel felt his throat tighten as he noticed that there was no response. The Bonne leader leaped out of his mecha, and rushed towards where his sister's mecha laid. With quite a bit of effort, he finally turned the Gustaff onto its back. Pressing the Bonne family symbol, the hatch opened, revealing that no one was inside.

"What could've happened to Miss Tron, Master Teisel?" one of the servbots asked the grey-haired pirate.
"She was kidnapped!" Teisel snarled as his hands were curled into fists.
"But, who would've kidnapped her?"
"Only one person I know would have a weapon that could slice the Gustaff's limbs off like that..."
"Who would that be, Master Teisel?"

"The only person I know that would have such a large grudge against me! That person would be...Glyde!"


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