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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Of Roses & Marmalade: Chapter 4 - Nebula Grey's Request...

*Much later, Mr. Loath's office, Mr. Loath's airship*

Maddie Loath, also known as Dr. Madd to most, was busy packing her late father's belongings into several boxes. Although she should've gotten someone to help her, she decided to do this daunting task alone. It was a private affair, in her mind. A long private affair, but she had to do it.

Suddenly, she felt someone hold her in a headlock. She struggled to get free, but the person's grip was too powerful.
"Hello, Dr. Madd! Glad to see you too." the man's voice entered her ears.
"Miyabi Dark?! What are you doing here? And put me down, you bloody jerk!" Maddie snarled, trying to slam her heel against the taller man's shin.
"To see my former boss, of course. Now, where is he?" Mr. Dark snarled.
"You mean you don't know? Mr. Loath is--"

"Hey, get your dirty mitts off the lady!" Teisel screamed as he, Denise and Glyde barged into the office.
"Yeah, leave her alone, you creep!" Denise demanded. As if holding Dr. Madd any longer would result in him catching a deadly virus, Mr. Dark roughly shoved Maddie away from him. The pink-haired woman ran towards the trio, and hid behind Teisel.

"Mr. Dark, what are you doing here?" Glyde spoke in a deadly tone. The dark-haired man quite confused, as if he's surprised the blonde would've asked him that.
"Wait, didn't you find the note Dark Scythe and Tsukasa Futaba left inside Mr. Loath's ship?" Mr. Dark asked, cocking an eyebrow. While he shook his head, Glyde shot Maddie a look. She too shook her head.

"No, we didn't receive any notes. Why?" Mr. Loath's daughter admitted. The statement made the scarred man slap the palm of his hand against his own face.
"It was a ransom note. It was a message telling Lex that I've kidnapped Mr. and Mrs. Ayanokoji, as well as Tron Bonne!"
"Wait, you have Tron?" Teisel snarled, ready to attack the taller man.
"Why did you kidnap them?" Denise glared at the man.
"Those three knew some of Mr. Loath's deadly secrets. With them in my custody, I can easily torture the secrets out of them; and use these secrets to blackmail Lex."

"But, why did you want to leave a note to inform him this?"
"I assumed that if he knew I have them under my custody, he would do anything to make sure that I won't make them speak. Lex is quite a proud man, y'know."
"But, that plan failed." Glyde pointed out.
"Which means only one thing: you four better bring Mr. Loath to my hideout, or else."
"But, what if we can't do that?"
"If, for some reason or other, you can't, the Ayanokoji couple and the Bonne girl shall not see the next day..."

"You monster! I won't let you harm my sister!" Teisel clenched his fists in rage. Like an enraged bull, the Bonne leader charged at the man; and tackled him to the ground.
"Teisel?!" Denise and Glyde gasped as they watched Teisel use Mr. Dark's head as a punching bag, cursing him the entire time.

Without warning, Miyabi Dark suddenly disappeared into a puff of smoke.
"Say what?" Teisel blinked in shock. Any rage he had disappeared just as quickly as it came.
"I clean forgot that Mr. Dark knew some magic tricks." Maddie admitted.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Glyde piped up. He looked quite anxious. In fact, everyone looked quite anxious about the current situation.
"Easy, we'll find Mr. Loath and hand him over to Mr. Dark." Teisel stated as he punched his fist into the palm of his hand.
"But Mr. Loath isn't with us anymore." the ruby-eyed blonde uttered in a sad whisper.
"So, we'll just find him and--"
"I meant that Mr. Loath is dead."

Denise and Teisel looked like a train had just ridden over them. The grey-haired pirate and the brunette cop stared at the blonde-brunette pirate and the rose-haired woman with the same expression as fish out of water.
"Lex Loath is d-dead?" Denise asked the moment she found her voice. Glyde nodded. Without warning, Teisel grabbed Glyde by the front of his armour, and lifted him off his feet. He brought the younger pirate closer to his face until their noses touch one another.

"What do you mean Mr. Loath's dead?" Teisel asked in a calm voice; although Glyde could see in the grey-haired man's eyes that he's anything but calm. In fact, the ruby-eyed pirate feared his own life.
"He took his own life three months ago."
"Stop protecting that idiot; and tell me the truth!"
"I am telling you the truth!"
"I don't believe it; you are actually protecting him, even when our loved ones' lives are in danger? Glyde, that madman might kill your parents! He might kill my little sister; and you are protecting the scumbag that caused this mess!"

"I am not protecting him! He really is dead! Dr. Madd and I only found out a week ago!" Glyde protested. Teisel still didn't believe him.
"He's telling the truth, Teisel", Maddie finally spoke up, "We only discovered last week that my father had passed away."
"..." Although he pondered whether or not the employees of the late Lex Loath were telling the truth, the Bonne leader had finally let go of Glyde. The ruby-eyed pirate fell with little grace on the floor. Teisel looked on in jealousy as he watched Denise help Glyde to his feet.

"We sure have a problem now; Nebula Grey doesn't know Mr. Loath is dead." the avian pirate sighed in frustration.
"No, we don't have a problem! All we have to do is bust into their HQ, and rescue our family!" Teisel protested.
"Nebula Grey is quite dangerous, Teisel. We can't barge right in. We need a plan!" Maddie pointed out.
"That's right! We need a plan; a plan I know would work!" Denise smirked.

Glyde, Teisel and Maddie looked at Denise in interest, wondering just what the police captain had in store for them...


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