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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Family Secrets: Chapter 1 - Hello Granny & Grampa

*Glyde's P.O.V.*

It had been only five months since Daddy had...passed away. But, it felt longer. Training to become the next CEO of Daddy's company sure is something I must still get used to. I felt out of my element; as I'm used to being a henchman. Also, it sure is a stressful job. Hopefully it'll change soon. Denise told me that I shouldn't worry; as she too struggled at first as the highest-ranking person on the police force, but soon became a professional. In other words: if she can do it, so can I.

I am very worried about Mommy. She hardly eats; and she sleeps in for hours. It's not good for her to keep all her emotions bottled up like that. I heard people eventually have nervous breakdowns after bottling their emotions up for too long had become too much for them. The maids and butlers tried talking her into going to see a psychiatrist, but she wouldn't listen. She also gets very irritated whenever I ask her if she'll be okay when I'm out.

Like today, for instance. Mommy told me that Daddy's parents would like me to visit them (Strange, Daddy told me that they have passed away before I was born, but anyways..). I asked Mommy if she'd like to go with; and she said no. The moment I asked if she'll be okay on her own, she accused me of seeing her as fragile china, and stormed into her room. Before I left, I knocked on her bedroom door and said goodbye. I heard her mumble that I must drive safely.

*Much later, the house of Glyde's grandparents*

Finally climbing out of my silver sports car, I sucked in a deep breath as I tried to calm my nerves down. I looked down at myself. I was wearing a pair of brown slip-on shoes, dark brown pants, white T-shirt with a print of a birdbot's head and a sea-green jacket. I also wore a pair of sunglasses. I hope I didn't look too casual..

I had finally arrived in front of my grandparents' front gate and stared at the home of my Granny and Grampa. It was a humble cottage; not a mansion that I was expecting. The walls were the colour of cream, the roof an apple red, the fence around the cottage was ivory-white. The front yard was small. The smell of cut grass filled the air. The garden was filled with violets, honey-suckles and many other flowers I couldn't remember the names of.

Checking first that there's no vicious dogs that'll attack me if I entered their masters' yard, the gate screeched loudly as I swung it open. I cringed as the loud noise made the residence of the cottage realize someone was in their yard.

The front door swung open; revealing a tall elderly man and a short elderly woman. The woman wore a simple violet dress, a white shawl and black slippers. Her white hair was tied into a tight bun. The only wrinkles on her face were the crow's feet and some deep lines around her mouth. One could see she was beautiful during her prime. The man wore a grey long-sleeved jersey, dark-grey pants and black shoes. His grey hair was neatly styled back. He had both a moustache and a small beard. Ah, they are also both Asian. Strange, Daddy didn't look Asian at all. In fact, I don't see how this elderly couple could be his parents.

"Hello young man, you must be Yukihiko Ayanokoji Junior, correct?" Grampa greeted with a bright smile. I nodded foolishly as I walked towards them.
"It's so nice to finally meet you!" Granny smiled warmly.
"It's so nice to meet you both." I greeted as I tried to figure out whether I should hug them, or give them a handshake. I didn't have to ponder long as I was greeted with a bone-crushing hug by both grandparents.
"Come in boy, and make yourself at home!" Grampa invited as he allowed Granny in first.

*Much later*

I was having such a great time with my parents. They told me so many things that I've always wondered. They told me how Daddy and Mommy met; which I found quite helpful. Daddy didn't explain in his book in detail how it happened. They also told me how naughty Daddy was. Now that I found shocking! He always told me that he was a little angel at school.

My grandparents and I sat in the living room. Granny was showing me photos of Daddy from toddler to adulthood. What really creeped me out was how he looked exactly like me when he was my age.
"...and this photo was taken on your Daddy's wedding day." Grampa smiled broadly as he pointed at the photo of the newly-wed couple. Granny and Grampa then chatted about what happened at the wedding.

"Grampa? Granny?" I piped up. I was a bit nervous. I hope what I'm going to ask won't anger them.
"Yes, Yuki Junior?" Both my grandparents asked at the same time.
"Why did you only show photos from when he was a toddler?"
"Well, we only started taking photos from when he was a toddler. We were only able to afford a camera then..."
"Not even photos of when he was born?"
"I'm sorry. Didn't mean to offend."

"Should we tell him?" Granny whispered.
"Well, he has to know..." Grampa sighed in frustration.
"But, what if he reacts like Yuki...?" Granny panicked.
"It doesn't matter, he has to know!" Grampa stated sternly.
"What do I have to know?" I asked, curiosity getting the better of me.

Silence poisoned the air as the elderly couple found it difficult to give me even a tiny glance. After a few minutes, Grampa sighed and mumbled something about fetching some documents and photos. After a few minutes, Grampa came back with a worn shoebox. Placing it on the table, he removed the lid. Inside the box were hundreds of papers.

I stared at the papers and back to my grandparents. After Grampa nodded his head, I took a bundle of documents out. I paged through them until a photo amongst them caught my eye. It was a photo of my grandparents fifty years ago. They were standing with another man. This man looked familiar. My eyes widen in shock when I realized who it was. Back then, he looked like any normal human. He wasn't as...portly as I knew him. He didn't have any bionics either. He really had changed over the decades.

"Mr. Loath?" I whispered to myself as I turned the pages. Another document caught my eye. It was a copy of adoption papers. Daddy's name was on it. My face turned as white as snow as I realized what it meant.
"When we told your father, he reacted by writing us out of his life. That's why he never told you about us. He felt that we had lied to him all these years..."
"And Mr. Loath? How does he fit into the picture?" I dared to ask.

"When we were young, we longed for a child. Unfortunately, we are unable to bear any. We went to any adoption agency and orphanages we knew. For months we couldn't find any children to adopt. When we were ready to give up, Mr. Loath had approached us. He said he knew someone that would like to give his toddler son to us; as his wife was on her deathbed. He said the man knew he won't be able to look after the child on his own. He gave us documents to sign. We were then told never, ever to make contact with the toddler's father ever. And that was the last we've ever heard of Mr. Loath..."

"So, you wouldn't know who the father is at all; or how Mr. Loath fits into the picture." I stated as the elderly couple their heads.

After having another cup of tea, I hugged Daddy's adopted parents' goodbye. After I came home, I phoned Denise and asked if she wants to go see a movie with me. After our date, we went to her house and had some hot chocolate. After that, I returned home and went to bed.

But, I couldn't sleep. My mind was filled with unanswered questions. Why did Mr. Loath want the Ayanokojis to adopt somebody's baby? Does Daddy know who his real father is? I mean, what if I'm actually related to the Casketts, Bola or Klaymoor, or even worse: the Bonnes?!

First thing tomorrow; I must find out the truth, even if it's something I won't like...


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