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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Steffie
Family Secrets: Chapter 2 - Shocking Discoveries!

*The next morning*

As soon as I was finished with breakfast, I flew the Glyde Swan towards my destination: Mr. Loath's airship. As soon as I landed the Glyde Swan inside, I leaped out and landed gracefully on my feet. Taking a deep breath, I dared myself to step out of the parking bay and into the long hallway.

This place was quiet; too quiet. My footsteps echoed as I walked through the long hallway. I heard my heart beat loudly in my ribcage. Huh, what was that sound?! It sounded like someone was running through the passageway, and right towards me! I stopped in my tracks and waited in agony. I almost died in fright when I saw her: Maddie Loath! Her usually tanned face was starched white with fright. Droplets of sweat trickled down her temple as she huffed loudly. Her entire body shook in shock. She was mumbling utter nonsense.

"Oh Maddie, you gave me such a fright! Hey, what's wrong? You looked like you've seen a ghost..." I began my sentence, but stopped the moment she fainted. Using my first aid knowledge, I positioned her correctly so that she'll regain consciousness soon.

But, what had given her such a scare? I looked at the long passageway that was in front of me. Hmm, this leads to Mr. Loath's office. But, what awaits me there? Bracing myself, I ran towards my late boss' office with all the speed I could muster.

After a few minutes, I stopped in front of the leader of the Loath family's office door. Gently grasping the doorknob, I turned it and the door clicked open. I dared myself to step inside. It was so dark and...scary. I closed the door behind myself as I tiptoed quietly around the office. Now, where was that switch? I felt against the walls until I eventually found one and flicked it on.

The moment the light filled the room, I noticed a bundle of photos on the floor, along with a small bundle of papers. Sitting on the floor, I browsed through them. The photos were actually the same ones Daddy's adopted parents had. The documents were actually the original copies. Strange, why would they be here?

Suddenly, I heard the sound of someone clearing his throat. It sounded like it came from behind me. I jumped onto my feet and slowly turned my head around. What I saw shocked me. I felt all the blood in my body rush down to my feet. I felt quite dizzy. I started to giggle hysterically because I was in such a shock. So, this is the reason why Maddie had fainted...

"Not you too. It was bad enough Maddie screamed like a banshee the moment she saw me." the figure sighed from behind the desk. He was somehow casted in shadows, which made him look even more sinister. With a mind of their own, my legs made me tread quietly towards the desk until I stood right in front of the man. I heaved heavily as I tried to stop my heart from busting out of my chest.

The moment my heart calmed down, I stared straight into the man's eyes and asked him the one question I would like answered...

"Mr. Loath, is that really you?!"


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