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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Interactive Story
Part 10 - A Familiar But Unwelcome Face Contributed by Abaddon

"We have some bad news Miss Tron," the Servbots informed her, "the others and their Draches are gone. We think they might have been stolen by someone on the island..."

Tron turns almost scarlet with anger. "What?! By who? You....Oh, if we were on the Gesselschaft, it would be straight to the Torture Room with the lot of you! How could you just let someone go and take it! Did you see who stole it?"

The Servbots shuffle their feet nervously. "Ummmmm...we were sort of, unconscious." Tron goes completely ballistic at them, and, just to get the rage out of her, she kicks one of the Servbots!

As the little robot goes flying in to the night, Teisel attempts to calm his little sister. "Now, now, Tron, don't worry. We'll find the rest of the Servbots and the other Draches."

"You're right, I'm sorry. Alright, the first thing we need to do is...."

* * *

Meanwhile, in Patosnam, a rather nerdy scientist works in his laboratory, disassembling what appear to be the remains of a ship. He's about in his 40s, wearing a grey lab coat, with a short white beard and wire-framed glasses. He seems to be enjoying it, as he takes notes on the parts very excitedly. The single light above the table leaves much of the room in darkness.

In the shadows the figure of a man appears he appears, in his silhouette, similar to Megaman, with a human head, but a robots body. Except he does have a body, it's just underneath the armor. The scientist notices the figure. "Aaah! Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me? Come on, Thomas, without me, you'd still be fixing cars for 18 zenny each. Now, you're supposed to be making me better weapons and vehicles. I need better ships. I need them to defeat the Bonnes!"

Thomas simply shakes his head and says, "Always gotta be the best air pirate on Terra, don't you? For your information, this is a ship which, I assume from the insignia, was the Bonnes. I found it near the place where your Birdbots found those little blue and yellow robots. With this, I can improve their technology. But first, I need to fix the damage from its crash."

And at that moment three Birdbots walked in on their conversation, startling Thomas. "How does everyone keep getting in here?" he asks.

"Never mind that." He turns to the Birdbots. "What is it?"

"We found three more of the Bonnes' Servbots today. That means we have a total of 18. Squawk!"

"Then there are more out there," says Glyde, for the first time stepping into the light so that Thomas could hold witness to the madness in his eyes. "So the Bonnes must be searching for the rest as well. I'm giving you all new orders: stop searching for Servbots; all I want is the Bonne family."

"Dead or alive? Squawk!"

"Alive. I have a little task for the infamous 'Bonne Brothers'..." He starts to laugh evilly. The maniacal laughs echo throughout the laboratory...


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