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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Vicki Morales
Megaman: Past, Present & Futcher: Chapter 1 - In Tron's Young Clutches

MegaMan was so small, Tron smiled at the young digger, petting him with two fingers, he shuttered. But that was to be expected, Tron could easily turn him into a spot of blood on her palm. Tron was seven years old and caught MegaMan and decided to keep him as a pet, the irony was in another seven years she’d be debating wither to marry him or kill him. ‘Stupid elder system unites’ he thought ‘they just had to shrink me six-inches tall and send me through time.’ Tron tickled him “Cootchie, cootchie coo little blueboy!” Tron said with delight as the sad, upset look on her pet’s face broke as he laughed, she tickled more and he laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. ‘At least this isn’t so bad, from what Sara and Yuna tooled me abought the elder units, they’d be furious at the good time Tron’s putting me through thanks to what they did.’ MegaMan thought delightedly. Tron scooped MegaMan up and hugged him, not too tightly and not too loosely, she gently rocked him back and froth, she cooed him a lullaby as he placed his tiny cheek agent her giant one, Tron loved the blueboy so much and when he was asleep, he was so cute. Tron set him down on the fine, soft carpet with her socked foot acting as a pillow, she always felt she knew him and that he knew her, Tron didn’t know why she felt that way. MegaMan got up and yawned, Tron’s lovely face was lying next to him; he thought Tron was lovely, smart and kind and his opinion would stay that way-no matter how many times she shot at him. Tron layed in bed she was asleep, MegaMan smiled, even at age seven, dealing with her tuckered him out, he couldn’t help but remember the time he faced the Feldynaught, it pushed him to his limits. Tron’s eye fluttered open, her eyelashes tickled as they went up his body and her large emerald eye was on him “Your too cute to keep locked up and…I don’t know why, but I feel as if I’m keeping you from doing something important.” Tron scooped MegaMan up and took him to the window. Tron set him down and opened it. MegaMan looked confused, he liked it with Tron, why was she doing this? “Will I ever see you again blueboy?” Tron asked, MegaMan smiled at the younger version of the Bonne girl that he couldn’t stop meeting anymore then he could stop the day and night from passing “No matter how long it takes, I know we’ll meet again.” He said and kissed Tron on the nose. Then he leaped out the window and leaving Tron behind until he became her enemy when she was fourteen. Tron smiled, comforted by her pet’s last words “Yes, and when we do, you’ll be mine again, no matter what!” she vowed silently under her breath.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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