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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Vicki Morales
Giant Tron : Chapter 1

Tron was looking for some cash in the S-Powers Island ruins. She looked down at what appeared to be a clay idol. She picked it up. The idol in Tron’s hand suddenly began to glow. She unknowingly gained the power to grow. Tron exited the ruins and shot up into the air, She looked around the tiny countryside. She could even see the city. "Wow this is so cool" She screeched. She had grown 100 feet tall She then spotted the Flutter in the distance, she reached out and grabbed it. MegaMan climbed to the to deck of the ship and nearly passed out “TRON!?!” he shouted. Tron smirked at him and brought the ship in all the way and set it down gently, she wanted to crush it like a coke can…but MegaMan…Tron wasn’t about to let him get away, not when she could have him in the palm of her hand…Tron smiled at how literal that statement was. Tron put her hand palm-up next to the top of the ship. “MegaMan, What’s going on?” Roll screeched up at him. he jumped off the ship Tron sneered and giggled, breaking the silence. Tron brought her titanic foot crashing down. Placed her hands on her waist and laughed. "Haha! You’re only one inch tall compared to me! Hmmm so what’s the best thing to do with tiny boys? You could be my slave, I think I could use a nice foot rub first!" She said evilly. MegaMan started to run away from the giantess but Tron quickly reached out and grabbed him with ease. "You can’t escape me now. Now lets see what should we do?" She said, Tron put MegaMan on her shoulder and walked away “Tron…wha…how did you…I mean…” MegaMan babbled completely flabbergasted. Tron scooped him up and he sat in the center of her enormous palm Tron pet him with one finger “I don’t know, but since I caught you because of it, I like it. Blueboy.” Tron said. MegaMan flustered and had to grab Tron’s thumb. Tron leapt away and landed on a completely different Island “Tron! Please don’t do that!” MegaMan said, Tron looked at MegaMan, the landing had shaken him up a lot. Tron felt sympathy for the little digger and guilt at how it would affect him. Tron set him down as gently as if he was made of tissue paper. “MegaMan, I’m so sorry!” Tron said stroking him. “I’ll be ok.” He said as he slipped between the giantess’s fingers. He looked at her huge form. Pink shoes, which matched her shirt, which in turn had the aforementioned symbol of the Bonnes on the chest. Said shirt was complemented with a blue jacket, and her wide, almost triangular brown hairdo coordinated with the skin-tight brown slacks she wore, the idea of what a 100 foot tall Tron could do to him frightened him a little. Tron smiled at him and picked him up and placed him on her chest, MegaMan saw Tron smiling at him “you are CUTE at that size MegaMan!” she said as she kicked off her shoes. MegaMan paled as he remembered what Tron said earlier. “I won’t hurt you.” Tron cooed reassuringly. Tron layed her feet on ther sides, put MegaMan between them and MegaMan was sandwiched between two sock clad walls, Tron started to rub them together and MegaMan felt like he was in a washing machine. This was a reminder of who was in charge, he realized, Tron could easily squish him right there and now but she was playing with him. Tron stopped and picked him up. He wobbled dizzily then landed on his back. Tron tickled him until he awoke. And kissed him “I think we’ll have this Island for our new home.” Tron said “any objections?” Tron asked MegaMan wisely nodded “good then, how would you like to sleep with me?” Tran asked “And no, I didn’t mean it like that, just to help you get cozy until we build a house.” Tron added quickly at the look on MegaMan’s face. That night MegaMan was curled up in Tron’s pocket. He smiled as he slept. He was happy abought this situation.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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