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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 2 - I Don't Want Your Help!

Megaman had continued to advance in the Ruin, making his way past Reaverbots and other threats that were posed against him. "Me… Zzzt…an, the …Zzzt…actor is …ZZZzzzt…ad!" Roll said, ", Meg…Zzzt…an? The s… Zzzt…als d…ZZZzzzt…" Megaman tried to re-establish contact, "Roll? Roll!" Since Rolls signal went out Megaman had no way of knowing that Asher was hiding around a corner, his signal with surface had died too. "Lets see how this little kid handles himself" Asher said, though I don't think he could talk much since he was only 19.

Megaman pondered at the door for a minute, figuring out how to open it. There was no key, no motion-sensing device. Megaman kicked, punched and even shot at the door, and then he figured he'd do it the old fashioned way, by picking the door up from the bottom and lift it. Asher chuckled lightly to himself, "Who does he think he's kidding? He can't lift that." Though Asher was stunned when he saw Megaman lift the door with nearly no problem at all! "No way!" Asher said aloud, maybe too loud. Megaman turned around quickly to see nothing, "Hello? Is…anyone there?" Asher had ducked back just in time. He was holding both hands over of his mouth, "You idiot! You should know better than just to open you stupid mouth like that!" Asher thought

So with the door opened Megaman made his advance to the Refractor. Asher jumps out from behind the corner and dashes forward. "What the?" Megaman says as the green blur slips by and snatches the refractor. Asher studies the Refractor, "Hmmm… I help ya haul this out…" "I don't need your help, I can do it by myself! Megaman snarled.


"This place is going to collapse!" Asher yelled kicking his jet packs, and rushing the way out grabbing Megaman on the way. They skimmed the door as it closed behind them, Megaman let out a breath of relief "Whew, I thought we were going to get smashed there, thanks!" Asher looked at Megaman, "No problem, are you okay?" He helped Megaman get up not noticing he swiped the Refractor. "Well…I better get going!" Megaman said taking off quickly. Asher was wondering why he ran off until he finally realized he didn't have the refractor! "GET BACK HERE YOU ROTTEN LITTLE THEIF!" Asher took of after Megaman, "Darn it! I don't have enough charge to catch up with him with my Jet pack!" So Asher did it the old fashioned way.

"Megaman! Are you there?" Roll said. "Roll! I ran into the digger! He almost got the Refractor! But he's after me now." Roll spoke "Megaman, there's a large blip in front of you! It's a big Reaverbot!" Megaman replied, "Maybe it'll slow him down! I'll try to move past it" It just so happened that the large Reaverbot in there was Hanmuru Doll, luckily for Megaman, Reaverbots aren't too smart and he easily slipped past it.


"Asher! What happened?" Said Zephyr over the comm.-link. "That stupid kid is getting away with the Refractor!!!" Yelled Asher as he followed the Blue Bomber. "Well, watch out! Massive Reaver up ahead!" warned Zephyr. "I'm going to go around it! I've got to catch that kid!" Asher said, also dodging the stupid Reaverbot.

Reaverbot-*Thoughts*Sniff…Doesn't anyone love me…

Asher had caught up to Megaman, "Hah! No where to run, No where to hide…what are you going to do now blue boy?" Megaman sort of looked behind him and said "This…" he took one step back and jumped off the tower. "What the!" Asher yelled as he ran up to the side of the edge he saw Megaman on top of the flutter. "You rotten little-" Asher said as the blue boy grinned in triumph, Megaman pointed, "I'd worry more about that guy than me." Asher turned around and saw that the Reaver was right over him. He jumped out of the way as the Hanmuru Doll smashed down. Megaman felt guilty leaving the poor guy there, though that was until his ship came out of the clouds. "We've got to go Megaman!" Roll said. "Right" Megaman said climbing in the flutter.

"He'll be okay? Right?"

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