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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 3 - I Need Help!

Asher was in it deep now, a large Reaverbot with a massive arm cornered him, and Asher yelled to his comrades through his comm.-link, "I NEED HELP! His ship, The Gale, was starting to lower behind him. Then a familiar female opened the door, "Sophie!" Asher yelled with delight. Sophia Nuku, the 19 year old ships full-time Mechanic and Cook. She wore a tank top, with baggy jeans, bandana, and a pair of headphones that had a microphone attachment to work as a comm.-link, to top it all off she wore a pair of glasses that made her, as Asher called it, 'Attractive and Intelligent'. "Hold on Asher!" she yelled pulling out a small bazooka to hold the Reaverbot back. She fired a shot that made the Reaverbot recoil. After the shot was made the Gale was close enough for anyone to jump in. Asher took his chance and jumped and landed back in the Gale, landing on Sophia, "Hey, you know, you looked pretty sexy with that bazooka." Pushing him and ignoring the comment, as her face showed it, "Are you okay?" Asher said, "I'm fi-", a loud rumble cut him off.

They heard over the intercom, "That THING just hit our engines!!!" Sophia smirked and spoke into her microphone, "Then get us out of here!!!" Their reply was rough jerk as Gale hit full-speed. "Well that was fun" Asher said happily. "We came out dry!" Sophia yelled. "At least it was fun for me" He replied. "Idiot…"Sophia said as she stomped to the Engine room. Asher only shrugged as he walked to the bridge, where he found Zephyr the 21 year old gifted pilot in the cockpit. The Bridge was different from an average one, if someone knew how to use the cockpit, they could control the whole ship by themselves with ease, if a person couldn't use the cockpit, there would need to be a second person to help him run it. Zephyr preferred controlling the Gale on his own, and sat in the cockpit wear he wore a helmet where the front would come down to the mouth and the back would go to the top of the neck, he had controls all over the panel, which he knew by heart and could use with ease, no one knew how he did, Asher would say 'He's just Zephyr'. When not in the cockpit Zephyr would wear a black long-sleeved shirt with matching jeans, what confused most is why he'd wear black all the time; he didn't seem depressed or sad. Asher would say 'He's just being Zephyr'. Zephyr greeted him, "Good to have you back, Asher, and in one piece" Asher said jokingly, "Takes a lot to kill me" Zephyr switched to a serious tone, "The engines are were hit pretty hard" he talked into the Intercom, ", Sophie, how are the engines?" Sophia talked with a grim tone, "The engines are busted up pretty bad, or refractor shattered and were only running on reserve power." Zephyr grunted, "Searching for closest Island", he paused for a minute as the system of the ship did its search, ", Kattelox." Asher thought for a minute…

"Kattelox? What stupid name."

Earlier, with our blue hero.

Megaman climbed down the latter and into the Flutter, "Thanks Roll, you really saved me out there." Roll giggled, "No problem!" Megaman said, "Lets get going." Roll replies "Here we go!" The Flutter took off full-speed into the wild blue yonder. It was smooth sail for about a half an hour until the ship shook. "What's going on?" Roll said, "I don't see any ships attacking us" Roll knew something was wrong; she looked on the controls and found that the flutter was losing power! "Oh-no!" Roll cried as she attempted to push the ship. "What's wrong Roll?" Megaman said. "We're losing power!" Roll yelled, "Gramps! What's going on down there?" An old voice came in over the radio, "The engine-cough-overheated!" Roll said "We're going to have to land her somewhere near-by!" Megaman yelled back checking the map already, "The closest Island is Kattelox!" Roll said "I can see it ahead! Get ready for a crash landing!" Megaman hurried and grabbed a near-by pipe and Gramps in the Engine tried to grab something nailed down and Roll held on to the Ships wheel as hard she could.

Meanwhile a man was walking a path from the south forest to the city, "Dum de dum..." he sung, ", what a lovely day!" And it was a lovely day, but until a yellow ship flew by over his head crashing in a clearing ahead, though it wasn't all, a blue ship (the gale) flew by crashing in the same clearing. "Oh my..."said the man.

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