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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 5 - Can't Help It

Asher and Megaman were walking on to the town of Kattelox; Roll said that they needed to go to a junk shop for parts. Megaman had felt very uncomfortable around Asher as they walked; it looked like Asher was still upset about the incident at the Ruin Tower. "Hey… Ya know we're allies right?" Megaman spoke. Asher just grunted and turned his head to the right. Megaman had taken notice that Asher hadn't even taken his helmet off after that dig and said, "Hey, why haven't you taken your helmet off yet?" Asher just kept his pace until he quickly pulled up his arm to take his helmet off, and place it under his arm. Asher's hair fell out covering up his ears and coming done to the bottom of his neck, it seemed to be really messy. What shocked Megaman is that Asher had a detailed tattoo on his forehead that resembled a Reaverbot eye with an odd outline. Asher looked at Megaman and huffed, "What?" Megaman looked at Asher and asked, "Why do you have a-", Asher interrupted, "I've had it ever since I was a kid…" Megaman saw a bit of anger mixed with shame on his face and said, "Well…Um…" Asher looked coldly at Megaman daring him to say something about the Reaver eye. Megaman got a cold shiver down his back, "Well…It looks cool!" Asher was surprised, greatly, not really anyone commented on his so-called 'Third Eye', his father said it was some Mark of a Warrior, his mother said it was who he was (which he didn't understand), and his friends just said it made him stand out, but no one ever said it looked cool. Asher thought for a moment…

"He's jokin' right?"

"Are you being serious?" Asher finally said, Megaman was glad he was talking, he hated uncomfortable silences, "Ya!" Megaman said, Asher kind of smiled a little, but turned his head forward. Megaman frowned and thought for a moment, Megaman liked to read sometimes; maybe Asher does too, "Hey Asher. Ever read the book called 'A Diggers Day' by Kokuten Chiaki?" Asher kept his head forward, "Ya, the one about the Ancient Technology and one Digger who could save us from it all." Megaman said, "Wasn't it pretty good?" Asher looked up a bit, "I guess so…why do you ask?" Megaman looked down and shrugged, "Just trying to strike conversation." Asher noticed an area up ahead that looked like a door into the city, "Alright, we made it!" Asher ran over to the door, opening it, and walking in. While Megaman was treading behind him, trying to catch up. "Now we need to find a Junk shop" Megaman said, "Like that one over there?" Asher said pointing to the Junk shop. "Ya, like that one over there." Megaman repeated.

"What do you mean, 'We don't have parts for ships'?" Asher yelled. "Just like what I said." The Junk shop lady said. "Aw man…" Asher groaned. "We'll just have to dig for parts." Megaman said. "Oh, could you two boys do a favor for me while you go on your dig?" The lady said. "What makes you think-" Asher was cut off by Megaman as he spoke quickly, "Sure! What is it?" The lady smiled and said, "My Husband went on a dig, though he's a bit of a coward, if you see him please watch out for him." Megaman nodded, "Okay, we'll keep our eyes peeled." With that, Asher and Megaman walked out, Asher spoke up, "Why in the world did you except?" Megaman didn't really understand, "What's wrong with helping other people?" Asher just rubbed his forehead…

When they were outside, they spotted Roll looking at a broken down car, "Hey Roll!" Megaman called out, running over to his friend. Asher just walked over, not to excited since he barely knew these people. "Hey Megaman, look at this." Roll pointed to a broken down car. "Hmph…It's just an old broken down spotters car…" Asher commented. Roll looked at his Third eye.
"Is that a tattoo of-?"
"Where'd you get-?"
"Long Story."
"Don't care."

Roll looked at the car again, "Ya know, we could probably use this!" Megaman looked at it as well, "Ya, but lets work on it later. We've got to go check out some ruins." Roll frowned, "No luck at the Junk shop?" Asher started putting on his helmet, "Only parts for busters, and a few other things, as if there are any diggers on this island." Megaman readied his buster, "Well, let's go Asher." Asher spoke lazily, "Sure…Right behind you." The two diggers entered the ruins.

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