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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by XBlade
Assistance: Chapter 6 - I Can Be, of Assistance!

Instead of climbing down the ladder Asher jumped down into the ruins letting his jetpack drop him safely. While Megaman, without a jetpack, climbed down the ladder, "I really need one of those." Megaman said as he jumped down from the ladder. "Your fine with what you've got." All of a sudden they heard cries for help in the distance, "HELP!" Asher looked down a path marked with arrows, "Looks like a trap, I mean, arrows pointing in the direction of the voice? We're not H-Class diggers…" Megaman said, "But that woman said her husband was a coward, and he might have followed this path." Asher groaned, "How original, A cowardly idiot." Megaman laughed a little then took off down the path, Asher was right behind, and in no time the found some Reaverbots. Megaman fended them off with what Asher commented on as a 'Pea-Shooter'. When they had advanced further, Asher had offered to show what he called, 'Real Firepower' as he readied his Machine Gun and Missile Launcher.

Asher let loose with his Machine Gun, "Ya! Chew on this you mono-eyed freaks!" The Reaverbots were taken completely by surprise as Asher just jumped out a shot everything that moved. Asher was proud of his work, "So, what'd you think?" Megaman gave a weird look and said, "You're a mad man who doesn't need to be in possession of a weapon…" Megaman just advanced forward. Asher followed up the rear as he kept his Machine gun up and kept a wide eye for Reaverbots, Asher found out that Megaman was pretty good for his age and seemed to possess a large amount of skill. Megaman found out that Asher was a reliable digger that could be counted on even in a mild situation such as this. At last they found the man and expected to find an Oh-my-gosh-it-so-big Reaverbot chasing the cowardly man, instead they only found a bunch of Mirumijees (Small worm like Reaverbots) crawling around while a man stood on a small ledge screaming like a little girl. Asher's eye twitched once, "This guy really needs some help. I could beat these things up without any weapons!" Megaman kicked one of the little worm bots and it flew through the air exploding on another, making it explode, "Yeah…" Megaman started firing on the little guys with his buster, Asher decided they weren't worth the Ammunition so he just kicked them around until they were all defeated. "Oh THANK YOU!" The man graciously spoke. "Um…yeah, next time, don't let there be a next time." Asher said as he looked at the man, who was still looking grateful, "Now that you eliminated most of those Reaverbots I can get myself out. Thanks again!" The Man ran quickly through the door and down the hall.

"I still don't know why we helped that guy…" Asher said, ", it was just a waste of Ammunition!" Megaman sighed, "I'm just glad we were able to help. Now, lets go topside." "Yeah, whatever…" Asher said, disappointed at the results of this dig. Megaman continued back to the ladder, as did Asher. As soon as they were topside Megaman went towards the town, "Where are you going?" Asher said. "I'm going to go look for some buster parts." Megaman replied. "Whatever…" Asher groaned as he sat down against the side of the busted spotter car. "Kid acts like there's nothing to it about in the world." Asher says. "Well maybe that's because he isn't a 19 year old guy who thinks that everything he does should be rewarded." A familiar voice says above him. "Sophia?" Asher looks up at her. "Hey, how's it going, helmet head?" Sophia says. Asher looks away while putting a hand on his helmet, pulling it off and just grunting in reply. "So has he seen your third eye yet?" Sophia says sitting next to him. "Ya, he said it was, cool." Asher said messing around with his helmet. "Well that's a first." Sophia said, ", Roll showed this neat little spotter car right here, she could use it for you guys when your on digs." "I still think it's worthless…" Asher said looking at his helmet and then decided to put it back on. Sophia frowned at Asher after that comment but then noticed Megaman coming back from his trip for his buster parts. Megaman was happy to see them, "Hey guys! That lady was so glad we helped her she gave me a mine kit! Plus! We can use that spotter car as well!" It was a good thing that Asher had his helmet because-...


The door to the spotter car flew open hitting Asher on the back of the head making him fly forward. "We can use the car?" Roll said as she popped out almost not realizing she nearly killed one her allies. "Asher!" Sophia said as the green guy flew forward. "Whoops...sorry..." Roll said getting out of the car. Sophia got down to help her fallen friend up, "Asher! Asher! Are you okay?" Asher seemed to be in a state of shellshock. Megaman held up 2 fingers, "Asher, how many fingers am I holding up?" Asher looked at Megaman's hand, "Six…no…four…wait…two…" Sophia sighed, "Sounds like he's still intact." "Sorry Asher." Roll said switching her attention to Megaman's mine kit, ", hey Megaman, is that a mine kit?" Megaman looked at his mine kit, "Yeah the Junk shop owner gave it to me." Roll spoke, "Hey I can fix that up for you! Give it to me." With that Megaman hands his mine kit to Roll and she goes into the spotter car. After a half an hour Roll came back out with a new weapon for Megaman. "Now you can lay a few surprises around for those Reaverbots!" Roll said handing the mines to Megaman. "Thanks Roll." Megaman said.

Then, a police officer shows up. "Oh hello, I have your I.D. cards here." The officer said. "Nice." Asher said glad getting his card. When everyone received their card Roll said, "Megaman, could you go check up on Gramps?" "Sure." Megaman said. "I'll come with you, I've got to see how Zadok's doing. What about you Sophie?" Asher said. "I'll help Roll out with the spotter car." Sophia said. "All right then, lets go Megaman." Asher said walking off with Megaman walking after.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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