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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Mega Man Legends 3 Easter Egg Event
Mega Man Legends 3's fifth Devroom event ran from 2011/02/03 to 2011/03/01, seeking ideas for little environment interactions that players could have fun with in Teomo City.
These interactions had to utilize the actions that can be used in town like kicking, jumping, or grabbing and throwing things. This event received more than a thousand entries.

Megaman Can Kicking for Easter Egg Event


Kobun #1142 Bora-san
If you time your jumps well, you can use certain shops' awnings as trampolines, allowing you to jump extra high.

Comments from Fujikawa-san:
A very good, simple idea. I could see this having any number of applications, and I think users will be able to imagine lots of ways to use it.

Kobun #418 March Window-san
In front of a certain shop, there'll be a springy, frog-like object. If you kick it, it'll bounce back and forth. If you go overboard and kick it too many times, it'll bounce back at you and cause damage, or possibly break, causing your reputation to sink.

Servbot #203 R. Case
Somewhere in town there is an inflated Reaverbot toy that people can punch, kick or throw and all it does is wobble back and forth, be kicked or thrown though the air and maybe make a funny noise. So the player can go up to it and kick it and throw it to his heart content. When the player kicks it too much or if they throw it into something sharp it will pop, and the contents that were inside the toy that kept it from falling over will be accessible. The contents could be a couple hundred Zenny or maybe an item of some kind. The popping noise could startle a towns person or maybe an animal nearby, and they could voice their annoyance at being startled. Also like most things in games, after the player pops it they can return later and it will be back like nothing ever happened. The design on the toy doesn't just have to be a Reaverbot, it could be anything. So there is lots of room for creativity in the design of it.

Comments from Fujikawa-san:
Both of the above submissions focus on objects in town with some sort of interesting reaction, and they're both sort of traps (especially if they cause damage to you or your reputation), which is extra fun (from a developer's standpoint)! For players, these'll create quite a dilemma. You know you want to kick them, but you can't! I'd certainly like all players to experience that feeling!

Kobun #295 Hiropyoko-san
Data's Super-Dodge. If you try to kick Data, he'll quickly dodge to the right or left, making him nearly impossible to kick. But if you try at it for awhile, he'll eventually reveal an opening, so do your best! If your kick connects, he'll cry out and body slam you! Be sure to have him refill your Life Gauge after the fight!

Servbot #219 EnkerX
Don't Kick Data! When Megaman kicks Data, he will refuse to heal Megaman and Mega's armor will darken. It may seem cruel, but you shouldn't have kicked him! Data will start to heal you again after five minutes.

Comments from Fujikawa-san:
Again, we have two similar ideas, one from each Devroom. I thought it'd be cool if we were able to use both ideas. I'll bet there are lots of players out there who've wanted to give Data a kick! And I think Data's reactions in these submissions sound really fun. I hope everybody takes the time to throw down with Data.

Kobun #137 Watanabe491-san
Car Trouble. Normally, getting hit by a car in town just results in you taking a little damage, but sometimes the car will stop and the driver will get out. Various dialogue will ensue: "Oh my, are you hurt?" or "You dented my car. What're you gonna do about it?" Depending on your response, you may receive a zenny settlement or health items, or conversely, you may be forced to pay a repair fee. Expensive-looking cars are more likely to give you items and zenny, while cars painted completely black are likely to take zenny from you.

Comments from Fujikawa-san:
I love this idea. An event begins without you even knowing it's coming, and sometimes it even leads to gangsters taking your money?! It's so hilariously unfair. I'll be it'd make players take a lot more care when they're crossing the road! Safety first, folks!

Servbot #616 Tron Bonne
Fan Mail for the Bonnes. You meet a Servbot who tells you that he lost all the Bonnes' "Fan Mail". He asks you to bring it back without looking at it. You can do just that. Each letter is hidden; one may need you to "Kick" a tree, another may be somewhere high you must "Jump", and sometimes you may need to "Grab and Throw Objects" to reveal the letters. You can choose to return them unopened for 100 Zenny each, or open them and get no reward besides reading. (Or you could get some odd item or weapon, like Teisel could reward you a weapon that really stinks or exploded when you tried to use it). This could lead to it's own contest, Sending "Fan Mail" to the Bonnes which could get in the game.

Comments from Fujikawa-san:
Thanks for the Devroom event idea. I'd really like to do that. This is a really interesting setup. I can't wait to see what kinds of messages the Bonnes receive!

There were also honorable mentions.

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