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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Design Contest
On 2010/10/10 at the New York Comic Con, Keiji Inafune announced to the public the first real news regarding Mega Man Legends 3 and the development team's intent to include the fans and their input on an unprecedented level. The first announced event came at the same time, asking fans to choose a new heroine for the game. Options from nine famous designers, including one from Inafune himself, were shown and a poll was instantly set up online.

Design by Hayato Kaji
Hayato Kaji "Mega Man Legends 3 is coming everybody! You know, it's been ages since Legends 2. Back then I was in charge of the scenery and backgrounds. It won't be much longer before you can see Mega Man and the whole gang! It'll have been worth the wait!"

Past Works:
Mega Man Legends 2, Mega Man 4-8, Mega Man X & X3, Mega Man Battle Network

Design by Hideki Ishikawa
Hideki Ishikawa "It's been 10 years, 10 years! The Mega Man Legends series has given me so many memories, memories that I will always treasure. I do have some regrets, but I can say that Legends has had a great impact on my life. So, the time has finally come to get this thing going. Now all you need to do is bounce ideas off of each other. I'll do everything I can on my end!"

Past Works:
Mega Man Legends 1 & 2, Mega Man 7, 8, & Bass, The Power Battle, Battle & Chase

Design by Kazushi Itou
Kazushi Itou "Congratulations on Mega Man Legends 3 getting the green light! I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate in these festivities. I am having a wonderful time!"

Past Works:
Mega Man Legends, Mega Man 5-7

Design by Keiji Inafune
Keiji Inafune "As you all know, Mega Man Legends has been my favorite Mega Man series, so it is my dream come true to work on Mega Man Legends 3. I'm very excited about this concept and am looking forward to seeing all the input given from the fans!"

Past Works:

Design by Ryuji Higurashi
Ryuji Higurashi "Congratulations on kicking off Legends 3. We've waited a long time... Thinking back, I was still a student when the first Legends came out. To everyone on the development team, until the game comes out, do your best!"

Past Works:
Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 (PSP), Mega Man 1-6 (PS), 9, Mega Man X5, X6 & Command Mission, Mega Man Battle Network Series, Mega Man Star Force 1, 3

Design by Sensei Haruki Suetsugu
Sensei Haruki Suetsugu "Congratulations on the start of Mega Man Legends 3! It is a good feeling to look at a game that is so loved by fans and development staff alike from the outside. I stand with the fans of the series in support of all of the development staff members. Do your best!"

Past Works:
Mega Man Legends, Mega Man X4-X6, XTREME & XTREME 2

Design by Shinsuke Komaki
Shinsuke Komaki "Congratulations on the start of Legends 3! This is the moment so many fans and staff have been waiting for. And let me just say, this heroine design contest is a fantastic idea! This really takes me back to the days when I was doing character design for Tron and the Servbots. I wouldn't have dreamed that I would have an opportunity give something back in this way. This is a very important moment, and I am extremely happy to be able to take part."

Past Works:
The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Mega Man 8, Battle & Chase, Mega Man X3, X6, Mega Man Battle Network Series, Mega Man Star Force Series

Design by Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Tatsuya Yoshikawa "So after 10 years it's back... That is truly fantastic! Congratulations. As someone who has a history with MEGA MAN, I would be happy to help out any way I can with the new list of characters. I am glad to be involved with the Mega Man world and its characters once again. I wish you all the best, for this project."

Past Works:
Mega Man X, X7, X8, Maverick Hunter X, Mega Man Powered Up

Design by Toru Nakayama
Toru Nakayama "Congratulations on Legends 3 kicking off! After 10 years I am very much looking forward to brand new adventures and that old feeling of nostalgia. I used curly hair for the character design on purpose to kind of shake things up and add a little pizzazz."

Past Works:
Mega Man Zero Series

This new character was originally, briefly, refered to as Lilly. A description of her was added later.

Lilly (temporary name) new heroine 14 year old girl
Final design to be decided
Calls herself "Watashi" (temporary)

-Seeking stimulation she hangs out with ____, and is the idol of her teammates.
-A nice gap between a somewhat defiant attitude and a cute look. Slightly shorter than Roll and Tron.
-She doesn't have any specific skills, but is very bright and positive. She acts without thinking and her constant carelessness really stands out. She also isn't very knowledgable about many things.
-Because of her expectations of _____ and those teammates, she is very frustrated about the idecisiveness of ____.
-Her heart races when she encounters ____ who/which takes tremendous action and charge.
-She volunteers to _____'s operation, but unlike Roll, she is very uncertain. Everytime she makes a careless mistake, ___ gets very angry, but she is soothed by the team members.

-Alright, I'll operate as best I can!
-Crush the two teams!
-Didn't I say that _____ was dangerous!?
-I'm not leaving without _____!

The western Devroom poll, despite technical flaws, showed strong support for multiple designs but all votes were rendered more or less useless by the overwhelming amount of votes from the Japanese Devroom, which enormously favored Shinsuke Komaki's design. So it was that the heroine design was chosen and Aero (also known as Sephira for a short while) came to be.

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