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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Mega Man Legends 3 Townsperson Event
On 2010/12/06, the third Devroom event was announced. This one had two different versions of the event to enter. The developers provided illustrations of four townsperson designs, and allowed participants to come up with dialogue and personalities for up to three of each. Entrants had the opportunity to enter both versions of this event as many times as they wanted until the cutoff date.

Out of over 3,000 submissions total, thirty winners were selected for Type 1 and seven winners were selected for Type 2. Everybody who submitted an entry was awarded 5,000 Unity points (or 5000 Zenny in Japan). The winners were each awarded 15000 Unity Points/Zenny and the Townspeople Planner badge (which was a custom title in Japan).

The developer in charge of the Townsperson Event was Hajime Horiuchi, head environment planner for Mega Man Legends 3. Planning director Kohei Ozaki and text planner Ito assisted with the selection process. In the International Devroom, the judges for this event included Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez, Territory Marketing Manager Mikeeb, Strategy Marketing Manager Deezie, and Associate Manager for Global Marketing Relations Gosei.

Event 3, Type 1: Townspeople Names and Backgrounds
This event was designed with the more ambitious fans in mind. Participants were instructed to choose between three NPC designs. They had to come up with an appropriate name for the character. Then, using a 100-word limit, they wrote up a brief description of the character's personality and interests. Finally, they were to write three lines of dialogue with a maximum of 35 characters per line.

Click the pictures below to see the winning entries for each character!
Male Digger
Male Digger
Most men of the city are diggers. What is he like, and what would a day in his life be like?
Female Digger
Female Digger
There are few women diggers compared to the number of male diggers, so what's her life like?
Mysterious Old Man
Mysterious Old Man
He likes to wander around Town a lot, but who is he really? That's for you to decide.

Event 3, Type 2: What Would These Townspeople Say?
This event was designed to go a lot more quickly for participants pressed for time, or for those who didn't think writing was one of their stronger suits. Participants were asked to choose between three pre-developed scenarios and write a three-line piece of dialogue to suit the situation. As in Type 1, the lines could only fit a maximum of 35 characters each.

Click here to see the list of winners!
Policeman A policeman in the city hospital
Police are supposed to protect the citizenry, so why is he at the hospital? Is he ill? Wounded? Or is he there for some other reason? When you, the player, try to talk to him, he answers in a rather uncomfortable way...what could make him answer in such a way?
Mysterious Old Man An old man on a rooftop
This man is lying on top of a roof. Is he sleeping or is he just gazing up at the sky? Or is there some other reason for him to be lazing around up there? When you jump up on top of the roof and try to talk to him, what does he have to say to you?
Female Digger A female digger down at the wharf
She is a female digger who is standing out on the wharf alone, staring out at the sea that borders the city. What could she be contemplating? What would she tell you if you were to ask...?

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