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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2004, 2nd Quarter
New Official Polls 2004-06-23
Posted By fAB

I know it's been awhile, and it's inexcusable really... Still, better off really, really late than never. Here are the results so far on Official Polls #04 and #05.

#04 - Additional Enemies/Pirates
60% Bola
20% Klaymoor
13% Glyde
06% Denise
00% Birdbots
00% Lex Loath

#05 - Of the System
68% Mistress Yuna
12% Servitor Gatz
06% Megaman Juno
06% Mistress Sera
06% Servitor Geetz
00% The Master

Now it's time for some new ones. #06 and #07 (a multi-part poll) are both waiting for your votes!

V3 Status 2004-06-20
Posted By fAB

Just thought everyone would like to hear that the template pages for MMLS Version 3 are finally complete! This means that after much toil, the final design and layout has been decided upon, new organizational issues have been put into play, and today I am beginning on converting all of the old content to the new style. Of course it will still be awhile yet before V3 is ready, but this is where it can begin to take off!

Just a reminder: People may still send in fan submissions (thanks to those who have), but their work will not appear on the site until the launch of Version 3.

News Archived 2004-06-12
Posted By fAB

Yeah, finally got around to taking March & April's news and updates off of this page and adding them to the Archives. That's all, nothing exciting...

Oh, while I'm at it though, might as well mention. Because of the upcoming Version 3 of MMLS, there will be no more fan updates to the site for now. Everyone may still feel free to send in their submissions, but if they do, they will not be posted on MMLS until the arrival of Version 3. That is all.

More Fan Stuff As Promised 2004-06-11
Posted By fAB

Okay, so not as soon as I had hoped (*wants regular life back*), but here nonetheless. The next two chapters in Bug Jenkins's Fan Fiction have been posted.
Fan Art has also been updated with five new works from M. Franco, mistressyuna, and Data87.

It's Been Waiting Awhile, But No Longer 2004-06-07
Posted By fAB

My apologies to all, I have not been keeping up with the needs of this site as well as I should have. What can I say? Real life has been insanely busy, even moreso than usual. Now at last I'm getting my lazy butt in gear and posting the latest additions to the Fan Fiction section!

The new entries come from several people:
Dashe has sent us the wacky conclusion of Teisel Bonne Vs The Map
DuoGTL2 has given us Part 7 of his ongoing fic, Rough Return
MMFreak, new writer to the site, has sent in two parts of their story, A Year Later
Bug Jenkins brings us his Megaman Legends Trilogy, beginning with the first chapter, Desperate Alliance

The additional chapters of Bug Jenkins's story have been sent in to MMLS, however due to time restraints I was unable to read through and prepare them today. They will follow soon, along with the latest addition to the Fan Art, so look forward to it! For now, today's update should definitely suffice for the fan fic fans.

MMLS Is #1 On Google 2004-06-03
Posted By fAB

Once upon a time a young man typed in "mega man legends" on a search engine and found nothing that interested him...
Today the same young man typed the same words and found this...

At last, Mega Man Legends Station comes up #1 in the search for Mega Man Legends, as it should. Now fans can quickly search and find the best Legends site around without any further fuss!

New Home Page For MMLS! 2004-06-01
Posted By fAB

All votes are in, the time has come! If you entered the site through the Home Page then you probably already saw it. If not, head there now! The Art Contest has been a success, and as some of you may know there has been voting in the forums for the community to choose which entry they want to have on the Home Page. In addition to this, artistic opinions were also gathered from an unbiased group of critics.

It was very close between entry #1 and #4, but not close enough. Entry #4 is the chosen one, submitted by Shelldragon. Shelldragon's picture is and shall remain on the Home Page for the duration of this site in its Version 2 status. Concerning additional prizes, Shelldragon can contact me to work out the details. Mega Man Legends Station would like to thank each one of the participants for joining in and making this contest happen! The contest will be documented and archived, and added to the Fan Art section come Version 3. Thank you!

Contest Time Over, Voting Begins Now! 2004-05-24
Posted By fAB

The deadline for entry submissions has come to an end. Out of the entries which MMLS received, it is now time to cast your votes to decide which picture will take Yuna's place on the Home Page. You can find the details and the entries here. Thanks to each of the participants! Good luck!

Art Time 2004-05-22
Posted By fAB

Tomorrow is the final day to finish up and send in your entries for the Art Contest! I'm happy to say that more entries have come forth in the extended time period, otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a contest at all. Thanks to those who've sent in so far!

In the meantime, we have some new art which doesn't concern the contest, just some good old Fan Art! Only it's not old, it's new... @.@ Two pieces have been sent in by Shelldragon, and three have come from a new artist, Marlene Franco. Be sure to take a look!

Art Contest Delayed 2004-05-14
Posted By fAB

Originally the plan was for tomorrow to be the final day to submit your entries in for the Art Contest. However, as stated in the original announcement, if enough entries have not been received by May 15th, the contest will be extended. I'm sorry to report that this is the case. It's sad that more entries and interest in the contest haven't come to light, but good for those who had difficulties and could not complete their entries in time, as I know there are a few of you in this position. The time extension will now mark Sunday the 23rd of May as the final date for submiting. No matter how many or few entries are received by the time the 24th rolls around, the contest will officially end, and the voting will then take place.

On a side note (haven't there been a lot of side notes lately?), MMLS reached 15,000 hits yesterday!

Minor Changes 2004-05-13
Posted By fAB

The first site to make use of the new address and web space is The Main Gate. It and each of its sub-sites have been completely moved from the old address. More info can be found on TMG itself.

I have also been making some minor adjustments to the MMLS Forums. You may notice a few graphical changes, as well as the addition of a MMLS affiliates bar, which also includes a quick link to here from there, whereas previously there was no way to MMLS from the Forums. The Main Gate having it's own little forum, has a differen set of graphics used for it to make it match with its respective site. That's all for today!

Legends Station Continues to Expand 2004-05-12
Posted By fAB

When I first began my small attempt to give the online Legends world a much needed web site, I knew I had 5MB of web space which came free upon hooking up to the Internet. As it turned out, there was actually 10MB, I was thrilled! As the site grew however, the 10MB was quickly devoured and I added a free web host plan to expand. Numerous complications, restrictions, and the fact that my knowledge of web skills has grown rapidly in the past year, all collide and leave me continually frustrated with the current status of things. In addition, as MMLS continues to grow, what it was, what it is, and what I want it to become are always effected...

Now this place has reached the point where it's no longer a shrimpy little Mega Man Legends fan site anymore. Its boundaries beg for room to grow in all directions. Its community has come to life through the Fan Sections, the Forums, and even direct contact with me. Large Mega Man sites of high status regard MMLS with respect and acknowledge what it has become-- A Mega Man Legends site which far exceeds any and all goals which I originally envisioned...

And so at last I have taken the next big step. I am very excited to announce that when MMLS goes to Version 3, it will also be going to a new server. In order to continue giving the world the greatest Legends web site around, I am paying for quality web hosting and now have far more room to play with on the web than will be needed! With that, Mega Man Legends Station will also finally be getting its own domain name! No fooling, follow this link to! Nothing much there to see, yet, but at least now you've seen it!

I hope this shows my commitment to this small but fantastic community of Legends fans, and shows how serious I am about making MMLS Version 3 an all new and vastly improved site! I hope you're all looking forward to it. No guarantees on when it will be open to the public, but I'm hoping an early August date can be managed.

Wow... 2004-05-09
Posted By fAB

MMLS's highest number of unique hits for a single day was 116, until now... Today marked the first day as an affiliate of Mega Man Network. With our link on their site and an announcement of the new affiliateship on their news page, we suddenly saw a new record today, 296 hits! Naturally I don't expect any day following this one to be nearly so high seeing as it was the first day, but still it makes for an exciting moment in the history of this site. Thanks MMN!

On a side note, I just want you to know that invisible progress is being made on MMLS. Invisible meaning that you can't see it, and won't see it until the launch of Version 3. I'd also like to give a reminder about the MMLS Art Contest. I know there has been a large amount of interest concerning it, however there has NOT been a large amount of entries to match... An extension of the deadline might be necessary, but hopefully many of you out there are waiting till the last minute (as I probably would be).

New Affiliate! 2004-05-08
Posted By fAB

Today, Mega Man Legends Station is excited to announce our newest affiliate, Mega Man Network! As many fans out there know, MMN is among the greatest of Mega Man web sites on the entire web. It is a superb resource for info on any Mega Man game, and offers some of the best blue bomber news coverage to be found. MMLS is proud to be affiliated with such a fine site, thank you MMN!

While on the subject of affiliates, we would like to take a moment to say that Planet Mega Man, to which MMLS owes a lot, has been having some serious problems lately. If you visit them, please head over there now and see how you might be able help them to recover some of their lost news archives. I spent a couple of hours this morning looking through piles of old temporary Internet files, but sadly my search came up with nothing...

At Long Last, The Fiction 2004-05-01
Posted By fAB

Welcome to the month of May everyone! Fan Fiction is in with a pile of new submissions. Well not a pile, but still a pretty good amount considering Legends's limited fan base. Quick Cheetah has given us the next chapter of Illogical, and three (four) new-to-the-site writers have sent in the starts to their own respective stories. They are Shadow Roll, Megaman Delta, and the duo Silver & Dashe. Everyone enjoy, and thanks to the writers!

New Official Polls 2004-04-30
Posted By fAB

Sorry for the delay on the Fan Fiction additions. If all goes well I'll have that update tomorrow. Today I'm just letting everyone know that Official Polls #04 and #05 have been added in the MMLS Forums. Be sure to cast your votes, and if you haven't voted on the first three, be sure to do that as well. Here are the current results for those polls:

#01 - Favorite Game
53% Mega Man Legends
30% Mega Man Legends 2
15% Misadventures of Tron Bonne

#02 - Favorite Bonne
38% Tron
23% Teisel
23% Bon
15% Servbots

#03 - Favorite Casket
37% Megaman Trigger
31% Data
25% Roll Casket
06% Barrel Casket

I'd also just like to remind everyone about the ongoing art contest, details of which can be found below.

The MMLS Home Page Art Contest 2004-04-23
Posted By fAB

As we all know, Yuna has been greeting visitors of Mega Man Legends Station for quite some time. For close to a year she has been the face you see when you enter this site, but it's time for a change. We need a new picture for the Home Page, and we want one of you Legends fans out there to create it! I know there are many artists out there in the Legends community, and now's a chance for one of them to win this honor! Grab your pencils and paper, your art programs, whatever, it's time to show us what you can do! Naturally there are a few guidelines to follow.

Guidelines for Entries:
The set theme for the pictures is this: Choose an original scene from the Legends series, and draw it. It could be as simple as a couple of Reaverbots guarding a refractor, or as complex as the Gesellschaft chasing the Flutter with Megaman firing and Draches flying all around with clouds and smoke. It's up to you so long as it's a full scene, not just a singular object or character(s). However, originality will grealty help your chances of winning. For example, think of the tremendous significance implied in a scene of the Flutter crash-landing on Kattelox. While it's true that would be a cool scene to see, haven't we all seen it a million times in the game already? So how about making it more original by viewing it from a different perspective? Imagine a picture of the Inspector pigging out on a donut, while one of the common police force guys is pointing into the distant sky at the Flutter with smoke spewing from its back. This is just an idea to get your minds moving on the right track! Entries should be 600x525 pixels, or may be larger so long as they maintain the same basic width to height ratio. Again, full scenes portraying an interesting moment in the series. In color please.

Contest Time:
This contest begins now, and shall end in approximately 3 weeks on May 15th. In the event that a decent number of entries have not been submitted by that time, the deadline may be extended. There is no limit as to how many different entries you may submit.

The choice of the winner will be based on originality, style, balance, attention to detail, all of that artsy kind of stuff. Judging will be conducted from a variety of sources; Popular community vote by way of the forums, impartial opinions by non-Legends fans in my family, and of course my feelings as the webmaster, shall all be taken into account to determine the winner.

To the winner goes the honor of having their winning submission placed as the Home Page picture along with their name, for all visitors to see upon entering the site! Their artwork will remain there until Version 3 of MMLS is launched with an all new Home Page. In addition, they will earn an instant custom title in the MMLS Forums -normally requiring a post count of 400- and if they so desire, a Legends avatar and signature banner custom made to their specifications. Depending on the number of entries, a 2nd Prize winner may be announced as well.

So there you have it! All you artists out there, get cookin' with your entries. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a worthy artist, what's the harm in trying for the fun of it? All entries, whether they win or not, will be forever honored in a special area of the Fan Art.

Official Polls Added to the Forums 2004-04-21
Posted By fAB

Yesterday came the addition of an Official Polls section to the MMLS Forums. Many sites feature polls of one sort or another. In order to not clog up the side bar, MMLS is holding these new polls in the Forums rather than on the main site. Hopefully this will add just one more bit of appeal to the Forums, and another good piece of reasoning behind this is that the polls shall remain for each new visitor to comment on, rather than each one replacing the last as is done with most sites.

Naturally you must be a member to post in the Forums. If you aren't yet, here's just one more good reason to sign up! It's quick, it's easy, and it's fun to particpate in all the Legends discussions! I shall try to add a new Official Poll every week or so.

Fan Art Comin' At Ya! 2004-04-20
Posted By fAB

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting around to the pile of site-related e-mails that's been screaming at me for a couple of weeks now. Apologies for the delays as usual.

Today we've got 8 new pieces of Fan Art, with Fiction soon to follow. One new picture submitted by BlueRobotGirl, and a whopping 7 pieces sent in by Blyka! Thanks you two! All 8 are definitely worth checking out, so go to it!

The Main Gate Bandwidth Problems 2004-04-12
Posted By fAB

This is just a quick notice to inform visitors of The Main Gate that the opening has been highly successful, and thus a great amount of visitors = great amount of bandwidth usage. When too much bandwidth is used, the site goes down for the remainder of the day, and visitors are greeted by a "Forbidden" page. If this happens to you, we apologize, just try again the following day. Normally however there should not be such a large flow of traffic to the site, so this should not be an ever-present problem.

The Main Gate Opens 2004-04-10
Posted By fAB

No we're not talking about the cut scene from Legends! We're talking about The Main Gate, the site! I'd like to apologize to everyone for going two long weeks now without an update, as well as falling behind on my e-mails. As I stated in the last update, all of my time has been going toward The Main Gate rather than Legends Station. My original intention was to launch on 4/4/4, I thought that would be a cool date. However because of very hectic happenings in real life, and numerous site delays, I then postponed it till the 6th, and then the 8th, and finally the 10th.

Well, here we are on the 10th, and happy to at last announce that The Main Gate is ready and waiting for you with some real content! We very much hope you like it, but keep in mind it's just the start of the site. I won't go into details, because you can read those on The Main Gate itself.

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