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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2004, 4th Quarter
Miscellaneous Update 2004-12-31
Posted By fAB

Well we did mention back in November that things would be slow for awhile, did we not? As it happens we didn't even get around to decorating the site with a Christmas image... pity... In any case, there are several things going on today which required an official update. E-mails to Mega Man Legends Station have been piling up, and are now being sorted through. Errors on the site have been corrected, a picture has been added to the Onimusha 3 page in the Other Games section of the site, and most importantly, a number of new Fan Fiction submissions are getting the attention they deserve! Quick Cheetah has delivered the next chapter of her incredible fic, Illogical. DuoGTL2 is back with the next chunk of his well known Rough Return adventure. MMFreak and Vicki Morales bring the starts of two new stories, so be sure to check those out as well. If that isn't enough, prepare yourself for even more Fan Fiction coming soon! I've only gone through about half of the total submissions!

This is the final day of 2004, which despite a slow end, has been a remarkable year for Mega Man Legends Station! Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the biggest highlights during the last year...

01/07/04 - Affiliation with Planet Mega Man, a great site and tremendous source of visitors for us!
02/07/04 - Completion of all standard sections of the site, no more "under construction" pages!
02/08/04 - Mega Man Legends Station turned 1 year old!
02/15/04 - Forums went online in full glory, to eventually become a highly successful Legends community!
02/20/04 - The most noteworthy of our special features, the interview with George Masswohl, voice of Barrel Casket!
04/10/04 - The Main Gate opens its doors as an eccentric extension of Legends Station!
05/24/04 - Conclusion of the first MMLS Art Contest!
06/03/04 - Mega Man Legends Station finally recognized as #1 search result for "mega man legends" on Google!
08/07/04 - Proud to report 30,000 hits, not bad for a year and a half of a site covering a supposedly dead series!
08/08/04 - After much anticipation, Mega Man Legends Station launches Version 3!
08/22/04 - Reaverbots section added, just one of the many exciting new pieces of game coverage added throughout the year!
10/23/04 - An exceptionally large Fan Section update, one of many that proves the loyalty and livelihood of the community!

Thanks to all of our visitors! It has been a great year for us, and without you all to visit and enjoy the site, it would all be for nothing!

Legends 2 Audio Clips 2004-12-01
Posted By fAB

What Mega Man Legends fan out there doesn't love Teisel's famous line in Kimotoma City, "We may be pirates but we're not barbarians, we'll let them keep the toilet paper"? Now that we've added the Mega Man Legends 2 Audio Clips section to the site, you can download and listen to that scene at any time, along with a number of other specially chosen moments in the game. Enjoy!

Tron's Genius Now On Display 2004-11-20
Posted By fAB

I am very sorry for letting things get so dead around here. As some of you from the forums know, things haven't been going particularly well for me as of late, and not being able to come through with the goods in the updates department is one of the effects of this. I am also very sorry to say that things will remain slow around here for the time being because I simply need to take a break from some of my online obligations and put more focus into some real life issues.

As big of a bummer as that is, today's update is not entirely downcast! If you're still trying to guess what the title of this update means, here's the answer: An all new Bonne Machines section has been created for Mega Man Legends! Every piece of Bonne-built combat machinery now has its own page, complete with descriptions, info, and images! Like the Reaverbots section we did awhile back, this too has been on the site's to-do list since the very beginning, and we're happy to finally present it to you!

Added A Little Caption Contest Section 2004-11-06
Posted By fAB

Nothing terribly exciting, but over at the Forums we've been running a Caption Contest for the past 10 weeks. Thought we'd just add the images and the winning captions here on the main site for the enjoyment of all those who aren't forum members.

Happy Halloween, Mega Man Legends Style 2004-10-31
Posted By fAB

Data Gets In On the festivities!

Minor, But Necessary Changes 2004-10-24
Posted By fAB

No doubt you've noticed already, the home page has been reorganized. This new layout is much more what I had in mind back in August, but unfortunately preparing for the launch of V3 was quite a task and the home page was the very last page created on the site that day, there was no time for being picky with small details. So anyway, I've taken care of that little problem, and a few others as well. I am aware that the site takes an eternity to load for some people (and here I thought I had the world's slowest connection), so I am going to be tweaking a few things to improve on that. I've also archived the news for the last 2 months.

Fan Fiction, Up To Date 2004-10-23
Posted By fAB

It's been a long time, but I'm happy to say that all fan submissions are now taken care of. The final chunk comes to you today in the form of Fan Fiction! Legends Station proudly presents 40 new pages, spanning 6 different stories by 5 different writers!

BurnMan has submitted the latest chapter of his fic, The Zeronium Virus.
DuoGTL2 has given us the opening of an all new story of his, titled The New Team.
New to the site, Zia has sent in the opening chapter of The Space Ruins Called Eden, the first ever fic on the site to finally include artwork along with the story.
MMFreak concludes A Year Later story with a lengthy finish.
aarond tops off the update with a new, single chapter story, as well as 35 new chapters equalling the conclusion of A Different Place.

Fan Art Coming Your Way 2004-10-19
Posted By fAB

Hello everyone! If you visit the forums then you already know I've been back for almost a week, and if not then I'm telling you now! Time to get Legends Station back on track with regular updates once again, and a good place to start is always getting the latest fan submissions up for all to see.

Today it's Fan Art, a grand total of 18 new pieces have been added to the gallery! The artists to check out this time are Marlene Franco, Shelldragon, and some guy calling himself fab... That does it for now, Fan Fiction soon hopefully, and much more to follow!

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