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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2010, 4th Quarter
Full Secret Santa Art Event Gallery, 30 In All! 2010-12-25
Posted By fAB

Season's greetings to all! The past few days have seen even more awesome artwork pouring in for the Secret Santa Art Event, and as promised we have them all laid out in their own gallery. Well done, everyone! Enjoy!

Secret Santa Art Event, Circulation Begins! 2010-12-21
Posted By fAB

For the third year running, we've had a little event over at the forums that allows people to request and give artwork in a Secret Santa fashion. Well, this year's turnout was by far the greatest success we've seen, with 21 new pieces of Legends artworks in all manner of unique styles and mediums, with possibly more to come! Part of this tradition is to have preview versions displayed at random on the home page of the site, and they are now up! Enjoy the new imagery and we'll have a full-fledged gallery in the fan art area showcasing them all soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Winner! 2010-12-13
Posted By fAB

The announcement of the winning Bonne Mecha and director Eguchi-san's thoughts on the contest are both up on Unity. Congratulations to Kobun 46 (AKA CAP Kobun), creator of the Donner Wels!

Donner Wels, winner of the Bonne Mecha Contest

Incidentally, a major congrats to Seeteufel and the Legends Station team for gaining honorable mention from Eguchi-san as the runner-up!

A Little of This, That, and the Other 2010-12-12
Posted By fAB

Time to bring a few things up to date around here. First up, I've added Dead Rising 2 to the other games cameo section. Next, The Digger's Database has been added to the links page. And finally, a number of new pieces have been added to Dashe's fan art gallery, making her our largest contributor. That's all for now.

North America's Top 5 Bonne Mecha Announced! 2010-12-09
Posted By fAB

Capcom Unity has announced the NA finalists for the Bonne Mecha Proposal Event! Fancy that, Seeteufel created by the gang at our very own forums made it this far. Congratulations to all of you who worked to make it happen, and congratulations to the other four finalists!

Japan's top 5 will be revealed soon, and the developers will choose a winner from the top 10, to be announced on the 14th!
Edit: Here they are!

Event #3: The Townspeople 2010-12-07
Posted By fAB

I don't know about you all, but I still can't get used to the fact that Legends 3 is coming and news is pouring steadily in...

Over at Capcom Unity a new contest is underway featuring townspeople of Teomo City on Klickelan Island. Yes these are actual locations that have been revealed, complete with artwork! This new event is looking for character descriptions and lines of dialogue to go with them. Gotta hand it to Capcom, they're definitely thinking up diverse ways to allow fans to participate while unveiling more of the game as they go. Entry period ends January 5th.

Incidentally, while the future of Legends/DASH comes ever closer, it's always cool to take a look back and over at The Reploid Reasearch Lavatory, our new affiliate, there's a lot of that going on. If you've never been there, go there, now, because there is some awesomely insightful stuff to see.

What Is Your All-Time Favorite Mega Man? 2010-12-04
Posted By fAB

Over at The Mega Man Network they're looking to find out which is the most popular Mega Man game of all. All you have to do is send them an email with the name of your single favorite Mega Man game's title as the subject. That's all there is to it.

It's probably safe to say that no game from our underappreciated Legends series has a chance at the #1 slot, but the Network will be announcing the top ten once all the votes are tallied. Be sure to let them see the Legends love!

Bonne Mecha Proposals Are In, Time To Vote! 2010-12-01
Posted By fAB

The entry period has come to an end for the Bonne Mecha contest. All the many designs can be found here. It's time to vote for your favorites!

I know I'm not the only one out there who is skeptical if not worried about the whole fan input thing going on with Legends 3, but I must admit some pretty striking and well thought out designs have surfaced with this event. Of couse the real measure of success comes with the votes from the people to choose the top five designs, and I fear this is where there will not be enough Legends fans (who know what a Bonne machine should be) to outweigh the votes of others.

UPDATE: Capcom Unity has fixed the issues that were plaguing the voting system. Go, cast your votes before the 8th!

Bonne Mecha Proposal Rally & Other Stories 2010-11-10
Posted By fAB

I apologize for not being more up on the news lately. Capcom has presented the second devroom event for the Legends 3 Project, in which they are asking people to design a Bonne mech for the game according to specific guidelines. You can read all about it here.

Also, in case you have not seen it elsewhere, there were two items of interest to our upcoming game. First, the winning heroine character design was chosen. This is the girl we'll be seeing in Legends 3. Second, Keiji Inafune has quit Capcom, an unfortunate event which is sure to impact the project.

Panel & Interview Videos from Comic Con 2010-10-15
Posted By fAB

A few videos from New York Comic Con have turned up in the past few days. At Capcom Unity they have one from the Capcom Panel, complete with subtitled translations of all Keiji Inafune's comments on Legends 3. Also, kudos to Protodude for bringing to the attention of the community two interviews with producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi. The videos are rather lengthy, so Protodude has summarized some of the main points.

Comic Con Follow Up 2010-10-11
Posted By fAB

Mega Man Network has posted a translation of details regarding the personality of Lilly, the new heroine announced yesterday.

Also, you can head over to YouTube for a video showing some of the early development progress shown yesterday.

Edit: Here are a few images Blues sent in from the Capcom Unity booth. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Legends 3 Development Details from New York Comic Con! 2010-10-10
Posted By fAB

As many of you know already, Comic Con has been underway in New York, and the promised day for new DASH details has come. Normally Legends Station is not an active news site, posting headlines shortly after the fact in most cases. Today however we have one of our own, forum member Blues, on the scene to give us the info first hand for a change! He's sending up-to-the-minute reports on anything Legends related.

12:28PM - Marvel Vs Capcom 3 producers are on stage.
12:30PM - Tron in MvC3 is awesome.
12:31PM - Kattelox Island!
12:34PM - Keiji Inafune is on stage!
12:42PM - Legends 3 trailer!
12:43PM - Sweet shiny logo! Nice retrospective trailer. Starting talk.
12:45PM - As stated before, Inafune wants to make the game with the fans.
12:45PM - Showing MML2 rocket schematics!
12:46PM - Talking about the end of Legends 2, Tron and Roll's rocket was not successful. They need the fans' help.
12:48PM - Inafune had to push really hard to get them to consider the game.
12:50PM - They need voice actors and boss designs. Other ideas also welcome at Capcom Unity. The rocket is an example of what they want.
12:51PM - They are stressing their desire for community help.
12:53PM - They're seeking to hire one person fluent in Japanese and English to handle relations between CoA and CoJ.
12:53PM - Sneek peek!
12:54PM - They literally just started work on the project.
12:55PM - They showed a bit of town environment, reaverbot, and servbot, smoothly modeled.
12:56PM - A new reaverbot design is cylindrical and blue. Town is huge with gears on the side of it.
12:57PM - Fan contest, design a new heroine.
12:59PM - They showed a bunch of sample designs. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]
01:01PM - Inafune made his own design.
01:02PM - Staff picture with real life kobun.
01:03PM - It's up to the fans! We need to build that rocket!

That was the end of the panel. Thanks to Blues for bringing us this info as it happened! Incidentally, the mention of a town with gears gave me a rush of excitement as I thought of one of my favorite pieces of DASH concept artwork.

Edit: Capcom Unity has clean artwork of all the heroine designs and the poll is already in place.

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