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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2012, 1st Quarter
Happy Birthday, Legends Station 2012-02-08
Posted By fAB

Legends Station turned nine years old today, as some of you may be aware. Last year at this time V5 was in mid-production and we had our reaverbot eyes on the future, cruising along with Legends 3 awaiting us at our destination. That's all old news now, and it's just another birthday for a site dedicated to a dead series. What a turn around, huh?

But you know, one thing Legends Station has always been pretty good at is staying active even when our series isn't. To that end, we have some more content updates, all of them for Mega Man Legends 3. We've fleshed out a lot of what he had and added a good deal more. I guess that's it for now. Legends never die!

Long-Lost New York Comic-Con Report, Part 3! 2012-01-03
Posted By Blues

The last day was Sunday the 16th. It was a whirlwind of activity from start to finish!

Dashe quickly realized that the entries for the book to Capcom had been printed backwards. She spent the entire morning reformatting the whole thing the old fashioned way, using extra paper we had on hand, duct tape, and glue to put everything in order and working together with a few other artistically-inclined fans to get it looking slick and sharp.

For the rest of us, first up was the ‘World of Capcom’ panel, which I attended with Patrick Kulikowski of Pixilitis. To the dismay of both journalists, it ended up having little-to-no info on anything Mega Man related. Immediately after that was the march, for which Dashe led the charge and Armand played ‘Flutter vs. the Gesellschaft’ on his sax. I helped to keep the crowd in line, and Rulon recorded some footage for future reference. We started with a crowd of about forty people, but more fans joined on the way over. By the end, we managed to gather a crowd of about seventy people! The march culminated in the presentation of the book and art scroll to Seth, who, while somewhat weary-looking from the day’s events, seemed happy to accept the gifts and chat with fans.

Once the hype died down, we went back to running the booth as we did the previous two days. We got one last interview for Dashe, and Armand finally scored an interview with Seth. Once that was over, we all gathered around to do our final livestream with credits to everyone who helped up to that point.

The most heart-wrenching part was striking the booth and packing everything away. The disassembly itself was pretty easy, some heavy-furniture moving aside. Everything else was packed away and stored for the next ‘Con appearance. The truly difficult part of the evening was having to look at the closing Javits and say good-bye to everyone we met. We'd all formed a close bond with each other running the booth over the course of several days, and we were generally sad to let it go. But it wasn’t really the end; many of us still keep in touch, and all of us still support Mega Man Legends 3 in any way we can.

It was very encouraging to see so many Legends fans get together to support the game, especially with the sense of community and caring they fostered there.

The next event fans will be supporting Mega Man Legends 3 revival at is called MAGfest. The booth there will be run by forum members Pixxel Papa and Lydilydi. To them, and to all those working hard to revive Mega Man Legends 3, we at Legends-Station wish much success!

The following is an index of articles and interviews used herein.

Capcom Unity
Infinite Ammo
Third Rate Minion
Otakus & Geeks
Gather, Technology
The Basement Couch

GMOtM Livestream, 15A
GMOtM Livestream, 15B
GMOtM Livestream, 16
GMOtM Final Recap
Booth Recap, Oct. 15
Booth March Video
GMOtM Seth Killian Presentation

Thanks to fAB for coding help, Dashe for editing help, and Armand Rodriguez for photos!

Long-Lost New York Comic-Con Report, Part 2! 2012-01-02
Posted By Blues

Day 2 was Saturday, October 15th. This day is historically known for being the busiest of the three public days at Comic Con--and it is a well-earned reputation! The aisles were packed with fans of all kinds, and the booth had its most active day yet. It started out with booth member Armand Rodriguez finally receiving the Servbot banner, shirts, and bumper stickers in the mail, which had to be carried by hand from the post office through the New York subway system and into the Jacob Javits convention center. It was a rough journey by any measure, yet one that Armand tackled with perseverance and fortitude. Once everything was safely received, we prepared the booth for its final configuration: all art pieces were properly displayed, the front of the table had its logo banner set up, and the International Servbot Collaboration banner hung securely on the back wall. Or so we thought. It turned out the tape we used was unable to firmly hold the fabric to the steel pipe framing underneath, so we ended up poking holes into the plastic and tying it to the frame itself! Dashe spent most of her time engaged in interviews from even more press that had found us, helping me, Armand, and Rulon run the booth whenever she found the time to spare. Luckily, a few other dedicated Legends fans, namely Pixxel Papa, Cutgirl, and Lydilydi, showed up to help us when the crowd started to become overwhelming for the three of us.

Other than that, Saturday was also the day we started raffling off the beadsprites and papercrafts. The setup worked like this; each signature had a number assigned to it, and every day at 2 and 6 o’clock, we would use a random number generator to pick a number, and the person whose name was attached to that number would get a papercraft. The beadsprites on the other hand, were given to every 100th signer. Towards the end, Armand started the recording of booth events and end-of-day livestreams, as some of you may have witnessed.

Eventually, the activity died down, and the floor closed for the night. Sunday was the day of the march, for which we had to prepare the ‘fan reaction’ book. Unfortunately, the Staples we had printed our fliers at was unwilling to print our ‘fan reactions’ book, which left us with a last-minute problem. We still needed to print our book! Luckily, Jake Hans, (former) leader of Get Me Off the Moon, had the file handy, though upon receiving the files there appeared to be some compatibility and printer problems. However, all it took was a little bit of clever thinking to solve those issues, and it seemed we had our book ready for the march! Unbeknownst to us, one more book problem popped up that would leave one last obstacle for the team to face the next morning...

Check back tomorrow for Part 3 of our report!

Long-Lost New York Comic-Con Report, Part 1! 2012-01-01
Posted By Blues

Just in time for the new year, Mega Man Legends Station is finally releasing its report on New York Comic-Con 2011! That’s right, two of this site’s news reporters, Dashe Troxon and Canticleer Blues, were part of Get Me Off the Moon’s booth team. Dashe dealt with most of the press and fan interaction, led the march, and presented our 'fan reaction' book to Seth Killian. I supplied the team with essential booth set-up equipment, worked with Javits Center staff to clear potential issues and organized events to keep the booth running for all three active show days.

Preplanning began two months before the ‘Con, and many discussions with Get Me Off the Moon staff and potential booth co-runners ensued in the weeks before the show floor opened on October 13th. During this time we discussed activities and events for the booth. We planned to give out pins, fliers, and bumper stickers, and we had a paper tablecloth for ‘Congoers to draw and write on. We also wanted to equip the booth for recording and livestreaming. The now-famous march the booth spearheaded was finalized about a week and a half before the show opened.  A week prior to the first day, everything was decided and set up for our trip to New York...or rather, almost everything, as we would soon see.

New York Comic-Con 2011 officially opened to the public on Friday the 14th, and with that, the crowds rushed in and the excitement commenced! At this point, our booth was at its most basic; the International Servbot Collaborative banner and the T-shirts for the march had not yet arrived due to mail delays. On top of that, Javits still hadn't granted our booth Internet access, so we had to make do with the art pieces and equipment we had on-hand. Despite that, we managed to get off to a good start. We handed out buttons and kept the artwork, papercrafts, and beadsprites on display. Our TV was on and the games were ready for playing, and before too long the laptops were connected and set up for people to log in and help us in our quest to revive Mega Man Legends 3.

This was also the day where Dashe’s interview with Seth Killian went awry. Although she, Killian, and Armand Rodriguez had planned a 5:00 interview time the night before, when we arrived we discovered that Seth actually had a panel to attend to. Brett Elston filled in for him, though the interview was hosted over another Capcom event, which left fans on both sides of the equation upset over the entire situation. Still, we accomplished a lot on that first day. We collected more than 100 hand-written signatures, filled about 10 feet of space on the art scroll, and got into contact with a few press figures, some of whom interviewed us that very day.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our report!

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