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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2012, 2nd Quarter
Fan-Made Mega Man Legends Manga Adaption 2012-06-20
Posted By fAB

This is old news, but it seemed like a good time to spread the word. HF, a prominent artist within out little community, has for some time now been working on a retelling of the events from the first Mega Man Legends game, Manga style. You can find the comic here, Rockman DASH Legends.

HF's artwork in itself is fantastic but like so many things, Rockman DASH Legends is far greater than the sum of its parts. Thus far the tale covers the "Prologue," everything from the Endless Water cut scene to the crash landing on Kattelox, told across 59 eye-catching pages! With his own unique presentation on the story, he's done a marvelous job of breathing new life into something we Legends fans have all seen countless times.

Rockman DASH Legends

Creative Legends Fans, It's Your Time to Shine! 2012-06-01
Posted By fAB

Here at Legends Station we've seen countless examples of Legends-inspired creativity over the years and when Capcom announced the Rockman DASH/Mega Man Legends 3 Project, the success of their Devroom community took it to a whole new level.

MML3 may have been cancelled, but as it happens there are currently two community Events taking place where Legends fans can once again channel their creative energy in a Devroom-like environment. The first has been running for about a week, the second opens today!

Tuttle's Legendary Travels - Event #01 Island Landmark Design
Runs from May 25th to June 25th
The general idea behind this Event is to design a memorable landmark to be used on one of the islands in TLT. Examples within existing Legends games include Kattelox's huge, overworld walls and Klickelan's towering structure and gears.
Two winning entries will get to see their design ideas come to life in the game and have their names included in the credits.

Neo Devroom Event #2: Ruin Roundup
Runs from June 1st to July 1st
In this Event participants must come up with interesting ruin design concepts that convey a theme and include environmental hazards. What kind of mood and feeling will your area of the underground have?
Three winners will receive physical prizes detailed in the link.

Tuttle's Legendary Travels 2012-05-08
Posted By fAB

Forgive me, but I think this is something that Legends fans will enjoy seeing. Shameless self-promotion incoming!
Blyka and I recently launched a website devoted to a new Mega Man Legends fan game we're working on.

Tuttle's Legendary Travels

Visit the site for all the exciting details or check out this video for a quick rundown.

Morishita Reika and 100,000 Strong 2012-04-22
Posted By fAB

First off, allow me to apologize on behalf of the MMLS news team for failing to cover a major news story relating to Legends 3 revival efforts. Morishita Reika, the voice behind the vocal tracks of the Rockman DASH OST, has for some time been talking about recording new versions of her songs to show her support for Legends 3. This release could be as close as a month or two away.

Morishita Reika

A new and very interesting development in this story is a report from GetMeOffTheMoon that states if the CD manages to sell 20,000 copies, Capcom of Japan may decide to release the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version! Check out their full story for details.

Update: As of 2012-4-26, it has been determined that the above statement was actually the result of an error on behalf of the translators of GetMeOffTheMoon. Though Ms. Morishita has talked to Capcom of Japan, there were no agreements made for any release of the Prototype Version. Slightly disheartening perhaps, but the fact that Ms. Morishita is still talking to Capcom about Mega Man Legends may be a point of hope for those of us hoping to hear more from the series in the future.

On a brighter note, the 100,000 Strong fan movement has reached and surpassed its goal. Congratulations!

Five Island Adventure Video Update 2012-04-19
Posted By fAB

We reported a while back on the efforts being made by the fans to translate and dub the Japanese cell phone exclusive game, Rockman DASH Big 5 Island Adventure. It seems the videos have disappeared from YouTube now, so with the approval of one of the participants we have uploaded them to Legends Station. Check out our 5 Island page to download and/or stream theses videos.

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