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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
News Archives for 2014, 1st Quarter
Free Sound Rangers Type B Servbot 2014-02-18
Posted By Dashe

This just in from Rockman Corner: if you happen to own Sound Rangers, you can snag the Type B Servbot for free if you log in between February 21st and 24th, presumably in Japan time. You've gotta wonder, though...if there's a Type B Servbot available for free, where's the Type A one?

Incidentally, Aero was confirmed a while back as a distribution gift. I have no idea what that even means, and there hasn't really been an update on it since. So while you're waiting, if you're waiting, have an image of some Servbots.

Maybe the Type A ones are all very stressed out and in-your-face...

Misadventures of Tron Bonne Retrospective by Jeremy Parish 2014-02-13
Posted By Blues

Over on USgamer Jeremy Parish, longtime games journalist and Legends fan, has written a new retrospective focusing on The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Mr. Parish sets the tone of the article by recalling the late 90’s as a time when the Mega Man series was insanely active, with a ton of games released yearly that solidified the franchise’s status as a large part of gaming culture. Of those Misadventures seemed almost out of place with its focus on the Bonnes instead of typical hero Mega Man- but the game quickly wins you over with its charmingly well-written characters, as well as the sheer variety of different styles of gameplay missions and overall cheerful atmosphere (largely due to the adorable Servbots).

In the course of the retrospective, Mr. Parish rightly calls the game a “spinoff of a spinoff”, which almost sounds like a criticism, but Misadventures instead proves to be a very enjoyable title. He proposes that the game is a shining example of Capcom's best, a showcase of what the company can do when they put maximum effort into their games even when facing the limits of a modest budget.

If you have fond memories of Misadventures, or just want to learn more about it, then I recommend giving this article a read.

It's a Promotional Roulette 2014-01-21
Posted By Dashe

In an unsurprisingly dull turn of events, it turns out the Mega Man Legends 3 tie-ins with Sound Rangers are part of four-day promo event. Not only is the Roll from the anniversary art featured in the promotional image with the Legends 3 outfit and motorhorse, but Tron's there too, riding what looks like a Gustaff-Leopordo hybrid. If you happen to have a copy of Sound Rangers on you, and you've accrued some in-game currency, then you can swap that for a shot at winning one of them in a gatcha-inspired character roulette.

I'm guessing Aero is probably slated to take a spot in this promotion, too. Let's hope at least someone out there has accumulated enough of these Sound Rangers points for someone to actually be able to use any of them and net us some screenshots.

Sound Ranger Aero 2014-01-07
Posted By fAB

Protodude reports via this Japanese tweet that the should-have-been Mega Man Legends 3 heroine, Aero, will be appearing in a Capcom iPhone game called Sound Rangers.

Aero Sound Ranger

It's also been pointed out that the Sound Rangers team were the ones responsible for this piece of artwork that surfaced some weeks back... Interesting and unexpected, huh?

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